April 10, 2009

Coming back

I let her break in for I never expected her back so early. She had gone for good, I thought. She was all tears and laughing dramatically, as if I was ghost.
“Kiss me.”
We kissed. Heaven broke down upon us. That was the best moment in my life. And we lived happily ever after.
Thank you Rashi for teaching me this.


  1. 55 fiction !!! i love this form... long time i wrote one !!

  2. Pratibha,
    You are trying so many new things... Do write this also and post/share ...

    aisa hi hoga mere dost ... aisa hi hoga... Pull up your socks... God will bless all... always!!


  3. raash became teacher?? i want treat! will have to ask her! :)

    now to ur post, and i loved the happily ever after! :)


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