April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashrita (Satans Darling™)!

Birthdays are special moments of joy
Joys are felt in the hearts of the loving
Loving are the ones who wish for the special
Special is the world used to define Angels like you
You are the Angel who entered earth from heaven once in million years

Years we have waited for you to come into our lives
Lives which were filled with blessings with your presence
Presence which was first felt on this earth on this day

Day which has come for us to make it special for you and wish


Wish for your happiness
Wish for joy
Wish for dreams
Wish for your benevolence
And wish for your fulfillment
A wish so that the sun always shines bright on you
A wish so that you always touch the sky
A wish so that sky is never your limit
A wish so that it rains happiness on you
A wish to fulfill even before you wish
A wish for someone as special a person
A wish for an Angel
A Wish just to wish her


With All our loves and cares

Today is the Birthday of my special Angel. So Apart from my special wish i would like to wish her from the part of the whole of The Writer's Lounge and i gift her this from All of us:-

May you fill this lounge with your beautiful writings more and more in the days to come and may your creativity enhance with each passing day>
May this birthday be the most Amazing and Rocking Birthday
And may it be the Best Birthday You ever had
Here's wishing you the Best Birthday from me and the entire WL Family

Love you gal

-------Nabila -----


  1. happy birthday babes...god bless u with all the happiness...

  2. happy birthday Ashritha..!!!

    may all your dreams come true and may all the food wishes be with you forever and ever..!!!

  3. just relised its pri's bday tooo...so all my best wishes to her too...

  4. OMG thank you sooooooooooooo much everyone! I am speechless...! Thank you all so very much!

    And Nabs, darling you have made it so special for me, really I am so proud to have a friend like you, hardly people think of making the opposite person feel special!

    Love you allllllllll!

    A silent tear rolling down my eye... Of happiness though!


  5. happy Birthday Darling :P I mean satan's :D

    Njoi :))

  6. And this was posted at 12:00 AM too! How touching. Nice gesture Nabila.

    And once again to Ashri.. Happy birthday!Happy birthday!

  7. Many many happy returns of the day Ashritha.... :)

    have a blast..!! :)


  8. Happy Birthday Ashrita!

    Have a great day and a wonderful life ahead! God bless you! :)



  9. yo chick....

    happy birthday take care........

    party.. .
    have fun....
    god bless you...


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