April 23, 2009

Lost ..

Pain in my heart is unbearable
Sense of Loss is so miserable,

Jumbled thoughts in my head
Unanswered questions in my mind
Walking through the misty passage
Heading nowhere
I search for something

Dim lights, scary long nights my only companions
Tears frozen, Empty Heart
My senses numb, I am lost in my own world !


  1. A very good Poem. I liked it throughout!

    However, Fiction 55 is necessarily a fiction, a story. You cannot put this poem under '55 Fiction' tag!

  2. No its not a poem.. Hmmm any way i thought fiction means like surreal things..

    I dunno correct me if m wrong.. Cuz m a big time fiction fan.. :)
    Any way i ll change the tag..

  3. Dis one was gud...I wrote a poem not so long ago wid da same title....reminded me of dat! gud wrk! :)

  4. loved the feeling in the poem...gud work...kudos

  5. @Maverick
    Thanx ya.. :)


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