April 23, 2009

Last Christmas - 1

I am Sarah Oldfield. I am 25yrs old, working in a MNC. I am blessed with a loving and a caring family, hale and hearty, huge friend circle to hang out wid. In all you might say that I am blessed with a beautiful life. But am i content and satisfied? A philosophical question...but yet an intriguing one. Every night when I am alone in my room, i want to change my life. I want to stop being myself. Stop being Sarah Oldfield. For me i have no existence. Like one of my friends says that maybe i am merely breathing and not living.

So here i am expressing an incident of my life that took away the essence of my life. It happened 6yrs back on Christmas but i still call it my Last Christmas.

I still remember the dawn of 1st August 2003. My college had just begun. The beautiful rays of the morning light woke me up. I was over excited like any teenager who was entering college. I had already arranged my clothes, with a pair of matching sandals a night before. Everything had to be perfect for the D- day. It took me more time than usual to get ready. Mom had to kick me out of my room to circumvent me form getting late. My brothers hugged me and advised me to stay away from guys. Dad dropped me to the college. ;P :D i smile every time i remember that day.

I was afraid to enter the college gates and looked around consciously. I saw i wasn’t alone. This encouraged me to go ahead. With my head down I went straight to the reception (without acknowledging the environment of my college). I enquired about my class and was told room number 3201.

I entered the room and it was so discreet that i thought i was the only one in the room. The room was full of tensed students which confirmed i was in the right room. I looked around for a seat in the front rows but they were all occupied. I was never a back bencher so was a bit apprehensive in going back, but i had no choice. I sat next to a gal who looked as if she has just seen a ghost. She was so nervous. The wait for the professor was a nail biting experience for me. With great conviction, i introduced myself to the girl besides me. She is Lavender Brown and my best friend till date, the sole witness to the death and reborn of Sarah.

We were told that no lectures were going to be held today and we would be given time to get used to each other. Me and Lavender were glued to each other. Seniors issued the notice that no fresher will be wearing any iridescent clothes from tomorrow, only white and black was allowed.

Rest of the day remained uneventful and as the end approached finally me and Lavender had to part ways (and honestly i was a bit relieved cuz she was too nosy...she still is...but i love her nevertheless). I knew i had to find my own convenience for home. i decided to walk down (i had to fit in my black dress tomorrow :P) i left the college gate and was overall satisfied with my day. It was a good beginning. I was so engrossed in my thoughts of the day that i didn’t even realise that someone was behind me since i left the college. When i finally became conscious of him, i got a bit scared. But he introduced himself as Sam Wesley. He was supposedly my classmate.

Sam: hi.
Me: hi
Sam: I think you didn’t recognise me
Me: ya, i haven’t noticed everyone in our class actually. Sorry!!! (why did i have to say sorry)
Sam: it’s alright. So how was the first day.
Me: it was nice. But i was very nervous
Sam: so was i in the beginning but now totally cool. Where do you live?
Me: just down the lane (what the hell does he have to do with my address :x)
Sam: so u r afraid to give away your place :P
Me: (did he just read my mind) naa, nothing like that.
Sam: hey, i need to go the other way now...you carry on...i will c u tom
Me: hmm sure...bye...c u (thank God)

That was one of the most casual conversations of my life. Did i know then that this guys whom i barely noticed today would become an indispensable part of my life. Who would change me for who I am? A person who shall mark me his forever.

Na i don’t think so. He was just dumb redhead who exasperated me a lot that day.

PS: This is my first attempt on a story series. so i want u all to be very honest guys.

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  1. I'm curious to see where this goes.. :D

    Wont let you abandon it pakka!

  2. honeslty..it has aroused a lot of curiousity and interest.. what happens next? :)

  3. wow!! wow!! kudos bhaai!!

  4. nice start....hoping to read more....! :)

  5. @rash
    i am curious too...hahaha..lets c where my mind takes me

  6. @kan
    hope i am able to keep up the curosity level...lets c.


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