April 21, 2009


Last night you were there,
The full moon night and the thoughts we shared,
The wish to pierce those eyes once again
I tried and tried but all attempts in vain

I ran away from the mirror of my soul
I refused it to fill my empty hole
I had your love and all your care
But still wanted to be alone to shed those tears

The truth waited eagerly to be revealed
I prayed to God and to you I kneeled
To forgive me for the words i was about to say
For the facts that i hid from you that day

I began and you heard it all in contempt
I could feel your eyes burning with rage
I hoped you believed that i never lied
I begged for mercy, when i knew there was none
I longed to go back and rewrite what i had done.

The endless turmoil of the night ended
I opened my eyes from the dream harsh and twisted
I yearned what i saw would never be true
How could i live if i just LOST YOU


  1. painful one!
    well written though!
    keep up the good work shweta!

  2. hey shwetha

    missed u...

    and u r back with a bang

    very poignant


  3. nice one shweta.... keep up the good work...

  4. Agree with Aparna....back with a bang u r...pain moulded into beautiful words.....luvd it! :)

  5. @aparna

    i mised the lounge too....and thanks a lot sweety :P


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