April 20, 2009

Crise d'identité

An identity crisis is when an individual loses a sense of personal sameness and historical continuity, said Erik Erikson. We, the facebook generation as they call us, face this conflict everyday. Choices rather. Choice about whom to love and whom to distance, about what to dream and what not to, how to tell the intolerable from what is acceptable. When to change. And why?
Faced with these questions everyday, we search for a constant in this ever changing reality. We fight for some, ignore a few and in most cases we just struggle to comprehend.
Kicking off a series titled 'Crise d'identité' debating some such questions, written in the form of dialogues between a twenty something facebooker ('me') and his family (dad, mom, sister, brother) & friends. It is an attempt to comprehend, not to preach. Do join the debate!

A Writer's Lounge exclusive.
coming soon: Part I - "Is rebellion the new tradition?"
Me: You gave me the wings dad, but you want to see me fly my own course?
Dad: You shall fly son. But you have to be aware that skies are full of vultures and hunters prowl the fields below.
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  1. promising....luv da aura around it....waiting fr it to start! :)

  2. interesting !! let it b a platform for all to clear some of the essential worries around us in our life... come one come all, lets help each other and avoid the fall !!

    Go on Pisku !!

  3. Hay! Erikson.. I love his theories so much! Enough of psychology! But this has got me waiting for the later parts!

  4. grad intro.....waiting for the rest

  5. @Maverick: Its in the works :)

    @Pretty me: So it shall be !

    @RV: I find psychology intriguing too :)

    @Aparna: Just testing waters with the intro to c if it catches an eye!

  6. the kind of age group that follows this blog , the team members amongst the writers as well as those who read...
    ALL could have related to this one!
    multiple appealing post there!
    good job!

  7. I totally agree with Pratsie.. :) let this be a a clearing of some of the doubts of this age group.. :)

    look forward to the intellectual Pisku.. :)

    God bless!!


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