April 21, 2009

Irresistible - 9 (Your Smell)

Your smell
Lingers after you go
Stays with me when I am alone
Your stench
Trying to fall into the Irresistible Temptation!


  1. Aah..

    I wonder,how do you manage to evoke such unpralleled emotions?!

  2. Mohita, just one word!!!

    Xperience ;)

  3. Hehehe... Thanks again...

    I want to see many more entries now... all as much (and more) irresistible!!

  4. Agreed!
    But the tempo was undoubtedly breath-taking!

  5. Thanks Mohita... for liking it :) Happy you came back :)

  6. Pulkit, Pisku... things written well have no meaning if not read... at least you have read this one here - I'm happy that you liked it too :)

  7. Hashan,
    Cinquain is a type of poetry which is written strictly on the syllable count of: 2-4-6-8-2
    Thats the only rule, as far as I know... Hope you already have mastered the syllable counts and you know how to count yourself...
    I posted a few poems/cinquains earlier also.. (tumi pora naai? kio?? eneka hole moy nilikhim aru).. Take a look...

    Will wait for your take on this kind of poetry. And for more information on this, please contact Pratibha. She must be able to give you more insight :)

  8. Thanks for the info Tan..will give a try :))

    hahahaha...porisu, porisu kintu gom puwa nasilu that was Cinquain

  9. how abt the last line to be "raw desire" ?? i found it odd to read stench !! but it was lovely till then !!

  10. The Word Stench was intentionally used to give the poem a bit of more flavor(scent, fragrance)!! Its not about desire, the poet wanted to talk about here. It is about "your smell" ... that intoxication!!!

    "Stench" was to make it more irresistible ;)


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