April 21, 2009

My saviour...My guardian angel.

A year ago, I used to live life literally inside the internet. Gtalk, orkut, Y! Messenger, email, facebook and blogger was the only world I knew. My friends were those I knew just by 3*3” Display images of avatars and of distant voices I heard only on the mic.I ceased to acknowledge ‘ real’ life. And that a beautiful life existed outside.

I failed to mingle with real friends. I created a wall separating me and the real friends. That’s because I had no like-minded friends in the real world. I was disinterested in the meaningless girl-gossips they did often. I prefered to be left on my own, aloof and be given my time and space so that I could deeply contemplate about some meaningful things.

I never understood them. They never understood me.

So I found solace making friends from internet who shared my interests. That’s good. But I tipped off the healthy balance between internet and the real world. I was online most of the time. And be withdrawn from the real world.

Life lost its meaning to me. The sound of laughter and the thrill of enjoyment seemed alien to me.As if I am not a part of them. As if they are not a part of me.

Until the day she walked into my life....

She came into my life a year ago and changed it all. My best friend. My confidant. She detached my strings with the internet and showed me the beauty of the ‘real’ world. The beauty I was blind to see before. And she made me realise a ‘ real’ life.

If not for her, I would have lost my real identity and just be a 3*3 display image or a distant voice in the mic. If you asked my name I would say my net id instead of the name my parents christened me. I would say LOL instead of actually laughing.

She taught me to strike a balance between cyberspace and the real world. Now I differenciate both distinctly and see the advantages of both. I divide my time healthily between both. Now my world is full of close friends-real and net.

Happy realisation finally!

Here’s a poem dedicated to her:

Inferno it was, dark and desolate
far removed, in the deserted underground.
Faceless strangers were my friends
And were the only ones I relied upon.

Burried in the hell, stiffled I became.
Crawled towards the glimmer of light
at the very far end of the tunnel.
But my blinded eyes could’nt see its direction
that could eventually liberate me into the real world,
from the shackles and boundaries of underground hell.

Pleaded the passer-bys for guiding me to light.
To the so-called friends of mine.
Screached and screamed till my lungs ached
at the crest of my voice.
They refused to recognize me
and labelled me a stranger.
Pined for love, a touch, a soothing word
Longed for a reassuring hand and for a ‘real’ friend.

The friends I believed in, were far from me
Never could they hear me,
or to my screams and cries of desperate help.
Screamed till I lost my voice,
cried till my eyes were sore,
But never could they hear me.

Strings were suspended from above
And i was pulled towards the ray of light.
Accustomed to darkness my eyes couldn’t tolerate
the brightness of the outside world.
When I opened my eyes,
I was mesmerised to see the
beauty of the ‘real’ world.
I was mesmerised to see her
My saviour.
My guardian angel.
My friend.

Her name is Reeha. Reeha aka crystal girl, is a member of WL, though inactive nowadays due to lack of time.
She won fourth place in inspiration poetry contest. I'm proud of my friend's achievement.

Best friends forever

Reeha and me.


  1. Friendship Rocks!!
    You are lucky to have friends - friends like these!!
    Best of luck!!

  2. friendship is the most valuable relationship in this world

    nice pic

  3. tan: thx for reading

    chirag: yep friendship is precious..thx for reading

  4. I know the feeling of being caught in the net... The craziness... Im just glad Im out of it and found great friends there! :)

  5. rash: ya, it is very addictive
    thx for reading !

  6. i guess we all have to learn this lesson of balance from this post !! lovely poem !! God bless you both !!

  7. pretty: i wanted someone to comment on the poem.....thanx prats !


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