April 20, 2009

The Helpless "HE"

As he lay in his hospital bed, his mind and heart were in sync. He could visualize the pretty bride he was so eagerly waiting for all the years. His love was just moments away from culmination and he had to go to her …but just how?

And the doctor declared “He is in Coma”

P.S. This is my interpretation of the groom's side for Rashi's post " bleeding mascara".
Sorry Rash for this stupid interpretation...just another attempt at 55 fiction and a look at the opposite view


  1. Nabs,,,,, its perfect !!!! n plz u ppl stop saying sorries !! we all are free to have our ideas and interpretations !! sorry raash i spoke from ur behalf... ;)

    *high five all*

  2. Hay sorry kyun?
    Itni sweet post ke liye? :(

    Chalo take yr sorry back! <3

  3. nicely dealt from the groom's perspective....
    nice one nabila :)

  4. that clearifies his shocking act of not turning up... M bit relieved... atleast... not another bloody ditcher!

  5. oh.!! yeah this could have happened.. thank you for showing us the other side of the coin.. Thank you Nabs.. :)

  6. @Prats hheheheh thanks girl *hi fies*

    @Rash okies i take my sorry back and give u my love wat say :P <3

    @Aparna thanks so much :-)

    @Pulkit ...ya glad he isnt a ditcher :D

    @Kajal ur welcome dearie...glad u liked the other side :)


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