April 20, 2009

The Beast Within....

PS: Reader discretion recommended!

Its that day,
Today it happens again,
I can already sense,
The excrutiating agony, the pain,
Can't remember the day, or the reason,
Why I am this way, 
Why, when the shadows lengthen,
Signalling the birth of a darkness,
I find myself cringing, trying to hide,
When the full moon, oh! so beautiful for some,
Glows with splendour, I squirm in fright,
As if faced by my nemesis,
All these sensations, so well known to me,
Still bring around a new wave of hurt,
A first it seems, every time,
This day evokes memories of,
The countless ones before,

When a slow shudder spread through my body,
When a rage of epic proportions,
Enveloped my mind, as I clawed at my skin,
Tearing it away, crying with the pain,
Yet continuing to do it,
Stripping away the human self,
To reveal the grotesque monster within,
When animalistic vigour coursed through my veins,
Strength, such I have never known of, surged,
Muscles taut, a monster was revealed,
Disheveled, wild fur, as black as the night,
Fangs bared, feral, thirsty; yearning,
To sink into flesh,
A snout raised towards the heavens,
Echoing an ominous howl,
Heralding the birth of horrors,
Countless humans, I have devoured, killed,
Unknowing, Oblivious, when the monster took over,
Only to shrivel back to my self, human if I can call it,
At dawn, when the sun shone bright,
Shivering, for the torture of my transformation,
Is immense, unbearable; but the pain,
Of having sinned, of taking innocent lives,
Outgrows everything,
The helplessness makes me abhor myself, each time,
I hate myself more than ever,
I caress the silver stake,
Today it ends, No more sins,
I free you from me,
I free myself from my fears,
The sharp pain of the stake piercing my heart,
Draws an unearthly shriek from me,
I feel the beast inside me squirm, breathing its last,
My body wracking with the pain, shuddering,
In the throes of death,
Finally I killed the beast,
The beast that was me! 

Images: Courtesy - devaintart.com


  1. PHEW!

    the last two lines were so strong, they gave me goosebumps!

    and all of it. Intense. Surreal. Picturesque!!!

    gross! but, delightful read...

  2. thanks Asbah! Glad u likd it...in a sense!!!! :)

  3. i stand and give you a bow for this write !!

  4. omg .... it gave me spooks

    only u cud describe it so eeriely

    i can feel the ware-o-wolves day already....n today is no-moon day also

    wonderfully written mav....u r my inspiration

    mindblowing :)

  5. @ Prats

    Too much respect!
    But thanks! *Bows back in respect towards an awesome poet!*

  6. Thanks Aparna...am so glad u likd it! Inspiration....bid nd kinda heavy tag fr me....hope I live up to ur expectations! :)

  7. reminds me of the movie "junoon"... used to love that flick in childhood days!
    well written descriptive effort!
    good job!

  8. @ Pulkit

    Hehe...dat was kinda an absurd movie....:P :P :P!

    Bt still, dat i cld write sumthng dat u cld relate to, wrks fr me!

  9. he he .. may our mutual admiration club grows !! :D

  10. eee.. I got goosbumps.. :) it is rightly said that you are a gift to WL... :) you scared the hell out of me when I read this last night.. but couldn't comment there was a power cut.. leaving me all the more scared... :D lol kidding i am a brave girl!! but this did have an impact!! a very strong one at that..
    and I do believe there is a beast hidden inside all of us.. in a way or the other.. and the day we overcome that beast within is the day we experience pure bliss.. :)

    Lol you turned me philosophical with this one.. :)

    hugs to you for writing this one.. :D

  11. @ Prats

    yes...da mutual admiration is sure nt gonna end! :)

  12. @ Kajal

    Am glad u likd it! i lik da philosophical u too! so keep em comments coming! :P

    Thank u so much! *hugs* :)


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