April 26, 2009

My Friend, Philosopher n Guide

He just asked me today that have you written anything on me...i haven’t n its strange because my favourite topic for posts is people i love the most...so here is a dedication to my friend philosopher and guide. The person who introduced me to the beautiful world of blogging and to this amazing place called The Writer’s Lounge.

I met him 3yrs back (not met actually but talked on one of those social networking sites) and my first reaction to him was...what a flirt he is and the typical gunda mawalli with a display pic of the bigdha hua delhi ka ladhka...accepting his friend request was a mistake (not anymore though)

The first thing we talked about was studies (can u bet :P)...n he soon realised he was giving advice to a very wrong person i guess. But still we talked from anything to everything. Coming from the same culture we had similar yet very different issues.

The first time i talked to this guy i was so intrigued by him. There was something in him...may be his simplicity or honesty from day one that drew me towards him.
I was going through my own internal crisis (sorry bhai i lack for a better word here :P) at that time. And he was my rescuer or as i secretly put it, my Mozart. It was amazing that he understood me so well. After all it had been just few months knowing each other and just days since we exchanged numbers. He was a stranger i knew since ages. At least he did. I was a child (u would correct me here i still am :P) and with him it didn’t make me conscious. More honestly i love being the child around him. The sound of when he calls me “baccha” reminds me every time that he is there to take care of me.

With time our bond grew deeper and i didn’t even realise when you started considering me as your sister and it came as a surprise to me. and soon things changed also. From Nikhil it got changed to bhai. I don’t know when but it just did. Seems a long time back.

In you i found a solace from the world so evil. You showed me the beautiful world around me, gave me the courage to live this life with a smile. You encouraged me to live when i lost all hope to move one. You gave me the reason. You know right now i just am reminded of this song
It’s The reason from Hoobastank
I have found out a reason for me
To change who i used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

Yes the reason was you...and i am glad i changed (yes i have...no matter what u say)

I loved it when you scolded me (hahaha...i am shameless u don’t need to tell me that)...it told me that you cared, that you loved me. No, it wasn’t a parameter to judge your love (i still have to find one for that) but still it was nice. You are one person who accepted me as who i was. You penetrated the wall or as i used to call it my shell so softly that i didn’t even realise it. But i want to thank you today for doing that.

Every pettiest of issue from fights with mom to my classrooms worries...i could share it all with him. Even the silliest of question i could ask him without any hesitation.

I am sorry sweetheart for all those sleepless nights i gave you...for all the frustrations i caused you...you deserved none but for me you were the only one.

And yes, i apologise for not listening to you. I know it hurt you more than it hurt me and i learnt it the hard way but can’t help it...you know how stubborn i am...i guess you know me the best.

His enchanting eyes (i am sure you are smiling now :P...so am I) is a mirror of my soul. When i talk to him it feels i am talking to myself. We often talk about self introspection...my self introspection is done by him.

To surmise my words i would say...like God knows his children the best...the same way Bhai knows me the best.

I wrote this poem long time back for him...

You were the answers to my prayers
Ready to take the pain of my share
Gave me the courage to bear it all
Always there whenever i called.

I never looked around for love
But your friendship was as beautiful as dove
You were the sunshine in the dark
With the voice as soothing as the lark’s.

Removing the insecurities, you taught me to live
You gave me the gift no one ever could give
Loved me more than i can say
I wonder if i could ever repay.

You nurtured me just like a seed
Partly with love, partly with respect,
Protecting me from every weed.
I know this tree will blossom well
Under your protection and affectionate spell

Reinstated my life with childish innocence
Happiness was left no longer a pretence
Brother, you are more precious than the pearl
I hope i don’t lose you in this timely whorl

A person whose words weren’t mere words for me but the truth of my soul...the person whom we know as **The Silent Soul** akka Nikhil akka Nik akka Bhai (just for me :P)

Bhai, thank you for being there with me throughout (i expect the same treatment in the future also :P :D)

May you be bestowed with all the happiness in this world.

I love you...mmmuuuaaaaahhhh.

Your bacchaa

PS : oops long post guys...n i still feel i havent written enough


  1. wow amazing girl....not a better way to thank someone who means so much to u.....u know u never know when u meet angels in life...everyone does and those angels drove u out of everything in a second

    i met mine too ...and most at WL know abt it...ur post and poem just made me remember..how someone rescued me back to my creativity and my self too...i thank her again her :D

    I m glad u have someone like this in ur life....and u both deserve this bond ...hope it stays till eternity

    Love ya gal

  2. @nabs

    thanks a lot babes *hugs*
    i am glad too man...n ur comment makes me realise dat more...

  3. U just pinged me askin "vat..? did u read it or not?"

    And i rote dis dere on gtalk..but dint send it.....for it to be ritten here:

    "Something i would always treasure even if the soul departs."

    I wont be modest by saying "I dont know if i deserve dis etc...."
    I know i made a diffeence in ur life. N im glad abt it...to be ur mozart (mjhe abhi bhi nhi pata...;P). Anyway, u made a diffrnc too. U gave me a sister...(ek bhai hai already chota...aur 3 saal se tu bhi...... GUYS!! Save Me!!)

    I cant writ evrything i want...no1 will read....Il need another comment page fr it...(tu to jaanti hai na mjhe...main likhna shuru ho jaata hun to rukta nhi...)

    I know i hv trbld u many tyms too....like at tyms wen life wasnt shaking hands with me... But dont expect a SORRY for it ok

    neway, This should say everything:
    I Love You bacche (i said it..shit!).

    (I Know i will comment again :(...

    PS: Please buy some brains. U missed dem when He was distributing.

  4. Oops! Did i say Thank You fr d deication?????????

    Maybe i dont need to...

    (aajtak to kisi baat ke liye kahaa nahi tujhe...isliye aadat nahi hai..)

  5. @bhai

    was so eagerly waiting for ur comment and this long time u took i actually thought u didn't like it...nywys thanks for ur precious words :P n ya i don't expect a sorry (though some1 calls u sorry king :P :D) or thanku...ur presence says it all...

    PS i don't need brains...u always do the thinking on my behalf right...so keep doing it...i have hired u permanently for the job svthrt :P

  6. awwww daaaa....so nice of u....

    am happy for u both:)

  7. thanx ste... :)...... Another sibling duo, now i guess is open in the air of the Lounge...!! (i just read abt the interview of leo and kaju, so came up wid dis...) ;)..

    (I Hope ste humaara interview is not on the line... ;)...)

  8. arey ur interview in few weeks time......
    be prepared...anytime:)

  9. arre! nhi...!!! main to mazak kr raha tha!!! ;)

    (Im ready... ;P would reallly like to give one... :)...)

  10. What do I say to this? I have experience this first hand.. BE it the way both of you talk to me about each other and the yahoo conferences.. Craziness and love personified...

    Loved the poem... :D

  11. You made me cry with this one !! dnt get me started for the reasons .. just that this goes strainght to my heart and memory !!

    god bless you both !!

  12. @ste

    thanks ste...and i ll be so waiting for dat interview... :P

  13. @rash

    hahah yes u have had the first hand experience of both of us...so yes craziness and love pesonified...couldnt get betr words for dat...

    as for d poem it was full of emotions when i wrote it so i am glad u liked it...

  14. @prats

    aaawww what made u cry...i ll still ask for reasons :P thanks for the blessing sweety


    n i loved his comments toooo :P :D

  15. now that I have a bro around here I could so well relate to it!! i love bhaai so much that words fail me..and i wont trade him for the world..
    your post left me with goosebumps!!

    bhaaai I need a hug!! *runs and hugs vinu*

    God bless you Tweets and Nik..
    in just few conversations I know Nik is all this and more..

    we are so lucky to have such sweethearts for brothers we can always count on!

  16. callie.. hug is there for u dear! :)
    i wouldn't trade u for the world either...!

    tweety, u r so lucky to have found such a sweet friend and philosopher! :) god bless u both!

  17. just that i too have a virtual brother .. met him through my office blog ... but now he is soo far and busy that we rarely talk ... no one is more dear to me than him.. i rarely talk about him to anyone... it takes efforts to listen to one's heartbeat u nsee ;) !! reading this, and remmebering my 18 eventful months with him made me shed a few tears reading this !! more coz i wish i could judt hear him that very moment ...


    i could not keep you wondering more :)

  18. @pratsie

    thnks fr d blessings....! n it ws NOT
    supposed to mke u cry..... :( ....
    plz.. dont be sad.....

    n y so in love with my comments?? :P

    thnx fr saying dat....n i really wwanna know wat mre i am/..... ;)

    ty brother...!!! blessings 2 u both tooo!!! for the 2 sibling couples of WL- \w/

    ;P cheers :D


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