April 26, 2009


No need to pay too much attention dear friends ... This is just a post to say goodbye to all of you (not farewell da) !!

Prats goes home for a 15 day, much awaited vacation from tuesday 28th April ! So y this post 2 days early, u will ask !! thats 'cause "Prats the lazy" hasnt even started packing or buying gifts for family and friends !!

And so i dnt think i will get much time to blog till i return !! (though i have plans to blog from bangalore airport .. ;) ) and also coz i have to schedule few posts on my blogs too ( can i leave them empty for so long ?? )

And reason for not blogging from home ??
Do u want my mom to beat me up or scream on me for not giving her my FULL Attention ??

So tata dear friends ...
write a lots !!
i might not read all wen i come back .. but u knwo i will try my best

ps : I m going to schedule my posts for monday poetry lessons.. do attempt it !! ok students .. now *nod ur head* ! Good !!

Love ya !!
Will miss ya all !!


  1. Oh dear!! Have a happy and loing holiday with ur family and friends...

    Do miss us!!

  2. have a blessed vacations dearie ;)
    ll miss u

  3. @nuchu : you bet !! will njy but will miss u all too... :)

  4. thanks for the wishes R :)

  5. thankuu so much Gul :) so sweet :)

  6. thanks Chirag !

    @Ste : you wnt miss the lessons dude.. i will write fr next monday to and schedule :)

  7. I so know you are gonna have a nice time! :D

  8. happy journey! miss u! :) :)

    get me back a gift! ;) :D

  9. thats for sure Kajal .. wish u cud b in delhi too ;)

  10. @Leo : sure dude !! will try for sure :D


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