April 26, 2009


Those days of the month are back again

Everything i do is just in vain

Cramps Make me feel gloomy

Little silly things increase my agony

Hating him for no reason

Anger turns my face to red crimson

mood swings and the mental breakdown

Few more days i just have to hold on !

Music is no more soothing

Shopping did no healing

Pain Making me a little weepy

Nights are so damn creepy

Curled up in my bed, i know there is no escape

I just wish, these five days i could skip

It feels like its gonna go on and on

Few more days i just have to hold on

He came home pretty proud of me

Shell shocked when he looked at me

I yelled I hate you !

Its all happening cuz of you

But i still love being a girl

I embrace my femininity with a big smile

I know Its the fault of hormone
Few more days i just have to hold on !


  1. just been through this !! could really relate to it !! God knows how many people i yelled/snapped at ;)

  2. hehehehe.. Yea
    Was so damn gloomy last night.. Thot i ll write sometin.. It might sound silly but trut me i was relieved when i was done writing.. :)

  3. writing your feelings out always helps !!!

  4. Yea pretty tat true.. :p

  5. woaaaaaaaa! :D super super :P why don't I feel such emotional ups and downs during this phase.. lol may be because i keep feeling them throughout the year so no big change. hahahaah :P good one Vasudha!

  6. @Pink
    Thanx a ton honey :)
    even i don emote tat much dear.. Its abt al d girls i have seen aroun me.. N of course about me as well. :P

  7. haha....a different thought to write about...firstly hats off girl..!!!

    the lines are perfect......i love being a girl too.:):):)...!!!

  8. @yamini
    Thanx a ton dear :)
    Don wanna restrict myself to moon, star and rain, which are my full time fav.. hehehehe.. :p


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