April 25, 2009

Another meeting

After 3 months of planning, 3 wake up calls and still being 2 hrs late, i finally met Leo aka Vinay aka vinnu aka rhyme master !!!

And fatefully i met my soul sis Meena aka winnie too. We three had a gala time at pizza corner where i later came to know, Vinay was busy looking at the girls on the neighbour table :D !!

After lunch, me and vinay did book shopping for me and then settled in Coffee World.Vinay enjoyed his cold coffee but my trial - Coffee beer was actually bitter and terrible... i should e given an award to still have it !! ;)

So with smiles, shares and wishes for cares we parted !!

It was great meeting you dude !


  1. @Ste : i dnt expect any guy to do different ;)

  2. lol yeah.. guys will be guys.. and after all bhaai is a dude with blissful poetic power and chivalry.. :D

    I am so happy to see you guys met.. :)
    group hug!

  3. m more than happy girl !!!
    *hugz back*

  4. feels like real bonding guys..! cool...

    Nice 2 know dat u ppl met...!

  5. Kewlll! gr8 to c guys frm da lounge meet up!

    sounds fun alright! :)

  6. Its always so much pleasure Mav !! so wen r u coming to blore ;) ??

  7. that's good
    members know each other is good
    but vinay is searching for something otehr at that meet.
    kya vinay kidhar lage huye the

  8. nice to read this....goo that u had fun..!!!


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