April 26, 2009

The phone call !

My first attempt at 55 fiction!!! :P

The phone rang for ages! Finally someone answered.

Hello Spiky! Orangee must be sleeping?

Hello Molly! No, he's gone out.

It means the same..tell him if he doesnt call me tonight,i ll never ever talk again.

Oh! Are you very angry?

No,But I am very serious.

Orangee never called back!


  1. he he..

    55 words are too less for me,otherwise I would've also tried!! :D

    Nice names!! :)

  2. @ prats..
    he he.... pehle ladki ka dialogue black color font me tha... so it was invisible... :D

  3. Barhiya hai :)) Upar yeh laal laal kaun hai?? :P :P :P


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