April 12, 2009

Friends We Shall Be Forever!

Reply again! To this brilliant poem by Mohita! Sorry if it gets boring, I guess I am having reply fever! :)


You may have let me go,
But in my heart you are still,
No one can erase memories,
Always in my heart, remain they will.

You may have hurled abuses,
But what is friendship without fight?
I never took your words to heart,
For you said them in frustration right?

You may not have noticed my presence,
But indeed I was always by your side,
Even now, my heart is still with you only,
Nowhere can I run away from you and hide.

You say it was tough living with me,
Making it so tough was partly my fault too,
Even I feel the void without you by my side,
My heart says, it will never ever leave you.

Friends we shall remain,
Always and forever through the pain!


  1. wish i could hear /say these n get few frnds back !! brilliant :)

  2. Wow!!
    This is getting amazing!
    Wish we could continue writing like this..its so much fun.

    Besides this,
    I loved ypur choice of words.
    You maintained the tempo throughout..
    its a wonderful answer to my poem.
    Simply Outstanding!

  3. nice one vinay..!! :)

    Yeah.. nice reply to Mohita's poem...


  4. @mohita,

    continuing is easy! :)
    try it! me and kajal are used to it!
    poetic jugalbandhi by the siblings! :D

    glad u loved it!

  5. Brilliant answer to the Poem..

    Simply adorable..apt use of words and strongly built..
    keep it up..:)

  6. it's so very sweet!

    so lovely and perfect
    and these lines means life to me :

    Friends we shall remain,
    Always and forever through the pain..


  7. Beautiful poem..Loved it Leo !! Nice reply

  8. Woopiee!!
    I re-read it once again!

    Its just unforgettable.

  9. yeh dosti hum naahi todenge...
    todenge dum magar tera saath na choodenge...

    lovely post abt frdship... :)


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