April 21, 2009

The Dumb!!!

# Campus interview paper of Stephen Anthony, a final year computer science student. Shared with the author of this post by the company for global welfare


Name: Stephen Anthony.

Age: 20 years

College: Terna College of Engg, Navi Mumbai

Branch: Computer Science


Tell us something about yourself: I am a dreamer, I dream things so that one day it would turn into reality.

Hobbies: Cooking,Hockey,Writing.

Strengths:Team leadership,Communication Skills,Motivator.

Weaknesses: Bad handwriting and I mean it coz it cost me most of my marks.

Why do you want to join us? I do believe that there are certain things in your organisation that I see no where.I feel that this is the right place for me to be here as I hope to learn new things from your organisation .

Why should we select you? Because I see myself as a eligible candidate who can work with your organisation.

Any location preferences? Mumbai,Chennai,Bangalore ,Delhi based on priority

Are morals more important to you or work? both if should say


Q) How many bits make a nibble?

Ans) 4

Q) What was the name of the first microprocessor?

Ans) 8085 as per my knowledge

Q) Software for the best mind in the world - is the catchline of?

Ans) sorry,I think I don't know the answer.

Q) Who confounded Apple Inc. with Steve Jobs?

Ans)Steve Wozniak

Q) In which research lab programming language C was developed?

Ans) Bell Lab by Dennis Richie


After this interview,I got selected in Techmahindra.Before this Ste was called by Sandeep Balan for an in terview in Idea Cellulars (What an idea, Sirjee?),,,, to read click here

Despite of insane answers,Idea Cellular selected him.Ste realized the company status and wondered if that was how Sandeep was selected in Idea Cellulars.

## I blog at www.thesolitarywriter.blogspot.com


  1. good ste
    iam hoping to get my first interview

  2. chirag

    u wud yaar

    i gave 5 interviews in my campus life.. .. managed to clear 3 of them and last one of it gt me into techMahindraa

  3. thats good solitary writer! congrats!

  4. oh revenge?

    clever answers

    no wonder u got selected

    i admire ur honesty...when u said u didnt know the answer onstead of blabbering something

  5. Nice work... hmmm... good interview :)


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