April 21, 2009

Rain, pain and more

Continuation to Kajal's post. (Yes, I couldn't resist)

Naina couldn't believe her ears. A hundred thoughts went through her mind. What do I do now? Do I tell him? But Smriti? I didn’t stand a chance against her. How will my baby? Our baby? Is it ours? Does it even partly belong to him? Does it matter? The baby is mine. Now. Forever. 


  1. i didnt expect such a twist

    she is really generous to do so

    nice creative story rash :)

  2. haan aisa bhi ho sakta hai.. :) women i tell you!! :P

    thank you for taking it further Rash:)

  3. Thanks Ms. R

    Aparna, Hota hai jee! Hota hai.. Everythings possible when Rashi writes!! hehe heights of pompousness I tell you

    Kaju, Taking it ahead?

  4. hahaha true everything is possible if rashi writes...but i liked the twist

  5. Hmmm... cruel but then, thoughts are dreams... not always realized!!! The later posts say so...


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