April 10, 2009

Please don’t go

Not now.
Not after
You made me love you.
For, I would always miss you too.
If you go away
Tell me how
Would I

Thanks to Pratibha for teaching me this. Enjoyed doing it!


  1. Good 1 tan....really nice...ll dedicate it to sm1 ;) lol...

    by d way, whats ds poetry style :O

    prats y din u teach us 2 :(

    prats tell us about it 2...pls pls pls *on kneels, begging*

  2. Lovely poem Tan.. I can figure out that something happening lately to u.. biya siya thik hoise niki Tan :p

    Prats so pretty, she helped me in re-arranging my first poem.find here


    Cheers buddy !!

  3. Hey Gulshan/Heena

    Thanks for liking it... you are free to dedicate this to anyone you like ... hehehehe...

    Pratibha posted this kind of poem in her blog and I asked what that was. She told me abt FIB poetry, but then, it happened only days after I asked.

    I will a Tell you what a Fib poetry is:

    You remember Fibonicci Series?
    Its 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89...
    So, in this type of poetry, you mantain the same syllable count: 1,1,2,3,5,8...

    I wrote it as 1,1,2,3,5,8,5,3,2,1,1 just as Pratibha wrote in her blog. I'm not sure if this has to end like this... you can write any number of lines with the right syllable count...

    Hope this helps :)

    @ Pratibha
    We all want that Series back where you were teaching us about new poetry styles... please continue :)

  4. Hashan,

    I saw and read your poem. Could not comment... I commented now, though!

    Well, biya aru kiman korim? hehehe... I'm already married, mate... Dont worry... I write on different thoughts as I like to think different things at a time... so, this was one of the same... again, I wanted to follow some style, so I followed that :) Aru beshi eku naai...

  5. Wow....
    good concept....

    badiya hae.... :)
    there's so much new to find and learn here... :)

    Thank u Prats.... :)

  6. @Tan... its really lovely .. i know u must have checked the syllable count so i skipped it ... and the poem is just awesome !!!

  7. @gul : this monday i was planning for fib poetry !! will write about it fr sure.. wven i miss the lessons ;) !!

  8. TVB
    Keep reading and keep learning ... however, you must write yourself to make it pakka... So, dive in, write about whatever you learn here or anywhere and share ...

    I'm happy that you liked the poem... Dont worry about the count... you have taught me well that I would not do a mistake in counting syllables ...

    Thanks for the support!! I would need it all along...

  9. @ tan....thanks for teaching....:)
    @prats... ll try scribbling down sm once u teach us all :)

  10. That was too good Tan... Frankly :)


  11. tan enjoyed doing it!

    i enjoyed reading it!

    prats, do teach him more..
    we'll make him king of lounge poetry! :)


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