April 1, 2009

Anyone for dates?

Tan: Mates. Want some dates?
Hashan: No.
Tan: Mates. Want some dates?
Arjun: No.
Tan: Mates. Want some dates?
Ste: No.
Tan: Mates. Want some dates?
Pratibha: No!!
Tan: Mates!! Dates?? Anyone!!
WL(in unison): Noooooooo!!
Tan: These are not dates. Just Peanuts! Next time I will make a fool out of someone here for sure!
WL(in unison): Best of luck mate

(#Lines: 12)


  1. Somebody's on a roll.... mates... dates.... oly peanuts.... :P

    WL ;) happy foolin all :D

  2. How do you know what I work for? Truly, only Peanuts!!!
    Thats all I have to offer ... next time, if I get some dates, I will share the first ones with all of you ...

    And will share ONE DATE with Pratibha for s'h'ure! :)

  3. Me too me too work for peanuts..aah..no no not peanuts, they are peanut shells...


  4. wat a peanuty affair.. :P


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