April 10, 2009

Awaiting for sunrise !!

Passing the days
dragging my wound
deeper everyday,
screaming, crying
Scratching the walls
with my claws,
hope its just a dream,
hope that everything
turns out non existent,
wish its all fake..
I sleep and dream
everything away..
another tomorrow
I now await.....

Well, this is my first poem ever.awaiting for honest comments.
Million thanks to Prats for re-arranging the lines.


  1. I can't believe that its ur first!
    I loved the tempo.
    Way to go!

  2. wow..is it really ur first :O ...wish i had started with such great poems.....u write flawlessly like ur used to writing them...great going :-)

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  5. Definitely a good one when its your first time. Dude poetry is nothing but thought evolution. Keep writing and you will eventually evolve with your words. As of me , I liked the non chaotic approach you have when it comes to depict a complex phenomenon like 'dream'.

    The part where you say {{{
    hope that everything
    turns out non existent
    wish its all fake ))))

    It seemed so simple and profound. I usually encounter poets depicting this scenario rather more in a complex manner like
    " illusions under a driftwood
    touches the glass of reality
    life moves as it should
    but reflects a vague serenity "

    It means the same as your lines but somehow more twisted and artificial complexity forcefully injected. I hope you get what I mean.

    Keep writing bro - You have a fan here ;).

  6. too good for a first one :)

    sometimes, you wake up from your dreams to a bleak nightmare, that leads to no further awakening


    and of course, i am a sadist.

  7. naa asbah u rnt a sadist dear...its very common...u wish that it wasnt a reality..dat u r still sleeping n ven u wake up everything is according to our wishes...but it hardly happens *sigh*

    nywys i cant blv its ur first...its amazing...hats off so few lines n yet so deep...

  8. I do dream at times too... but whenever there is something I dont like, I want to wake up... Hope all evil things are dreams and we can wake up to a beautiful time - humesha!!

  9. A very good start....
    I liked it.... :)

    Hope i get a same start... :)

    keep it up...

  10. u know i already loved it !!! :)

  11. Its a wonderful Frst attempt..
    yeah..Sometimes dreams can take us to another world..

    Keep writing..
    Waiting to see more coming up..

  12. i second mohita,

    i cant believe this is ur first either! :)

  13. @ Mohita

    Thank you so much girl u got my tempo :))

  14. @ Ragpicker

    Buddy..may be you are right !! i will use your lines somewhere.

  15. @ Ragpicker

    n i am already a fan of urs..Thanks so much for the suggestions :))

    @ Asbah

    No asbi..you're not sadist..you are the happiness yourself :)) maafi maafi if i made u sad :))

  16. @ I, Me and Myself

    Thank you for understood me :))

    @ Tan

    Sirji..u are right in ur way :))

  17. @ vitruvian boy

    hey u dint tell me your name :))
    n thank you for loving my poem.. u'l definitely get a great start..wishing u the best :))

  18. I know Prats.. Thanki once again for giving it a poem look :p

  19. @ Charu

    Thank u so much girl :)) always loves ur comments :)

    @ Leo

    Thank u Sir..u loved it.. its a nice appreciation for me :))


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