March 8, 2009


A beautiful February evening
Hand-picked flowers in his hand, eagerness in his eyes,
A man waits...
For the cars to pass by, so he can run
Into the arms of his lady, waiting on the other side...

A smoldering May afternoon
From behind the veil covering her face, her bangles tinkling
A woman looks...
Satisfied, as her husband wipes the sweat off his brow
Both stealing silent glances under a tree, over lunch...

A rainy July morning
Hand-in-hand, an umbrella shielding them from the showers
A couple sits...
By the sea, savoring each others' company
The years spent in togetherness, the lessons learnt, the love shared...

A chilly December night
Cuddled inside a blanket, in a corner of her bed
A girl blushes...
Hearing her lover whisper sweet nothings on the phone
Wishing he was next to her, right by her side...

February, May, July, December... morning, afternoon, evening, night
Lonely, longing, sighing, wanting to be loved
I wait...
For moments like these to happen to me
Love is all round me, yet strangely elusive
Hope starts to slip away...

And with a new day, it all comes back
The loneliness, the longing, the hope
Of finding true love... in that special someone...
Made for me... just for me!

(PS: To all those who want to be in love... don't lose hope... coz' someone, somewhere is made for you!)


  1. you have romanticised the seasons well neha

    your feelings were intensified, the flow was smooth...wonderful poem this one :)

    it is really reassuring to know that someone's waiting for me

  2. HOPE is a very important ingredient in living a successful life :)

    Very simple. Nicely put!

  3. Wo! Neha, simple poem with so many shades of love figured out.. and brings out the longing so well, yet smoothes the edges with the positive hopeful ending.. loved it.. :) I am not waiting to be in love lol but still I can see hope across the horizon :)

  4. very hopeful... but i liked the moments u defined more... the winter one was just so sweet :)

  5. It was so damn cute! :D

    I loved the girl on the bed one the best! (Sorry for making it sound sooo weird)

    Gives me hope..Thanks :D

  6. @ Aparna

    I'd actually set out to write Haikus.. hence, the seasons. However, I could not limit myself to the 5-7-5 syllables. That's how this poem was born. I just let the words flow... I guess it shows!

    I am glad that my poem gave you hope... gurl, there's definitely someone wonderful waiting for you!

  7. @ Satan's darling

    I once heard something... it says "hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

    Let's all hope to find our special someone's... :)


  8. Hope, is the harbinger of life and existence.

    Superbly expressed :)

  9. @ Pink orchid

    Glad you liked the many shades of love! Love truly is all around... and even on the horizon! ;)

  10. @ Pretty me

    I started out to write Haikus; hence the season words ma'am! Glad you liked my effort, teacher! ;)

  11. @ R.V.

    The greatest reward for me is if what I write makes a difference to anyone in his/her life. If my writings give you hope, I cannot ask for a better award or recognition! Cheers!

    And yeah, the "bed" comment sure sounded weird... never mind.. I understand!


  12. @ Kings

    Well said dude! If there's one thing that keeps you going, it's hope!

    M glad you liked it! Gracias...

  13. that was so nicely put..

    and yes hope is the most important thing that one has in their life.. because without that .. nothing is possible in this life.. :)

  14. @ Ani

    Thanx dear! Am happy that you liked it!

    Here's to the hope that we all find our special someone's (in case we haven't found them yet)!!

    Cheers everyone!

  15. damn true! everyone around me is couldbe should be would be must be in love, but me! and a very dear friend :P

    *hanging on hope* :P

  16. @ Asbah

    Hang on dear... love's just around the corner!



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