March 8, 2009

I Wish!!!

PreScript: CrossPosted from my blog!

I don't know why,

I always find something amiss with me,

There are some ever-present faults,

What worse could my life be!

I wish I could fly,

Like a bird in the open sky,

Feel the wind sweeping along my body,

See the world just speeding by!

I wish I could swim,

Like a fish in the deep blue sea,

Scour out hidden treasures and troves,

At a depth I couldn't fathom to be!

I wish I could be just as bright,

As the red hot sun,

Spread my heat and warmth along,

And give life to everyone!

I wish I could be as wise,

As the ancient old sages,

Would solve all problems and decipher all mysteries,

In minutes rather than ages!

I wish I could be as strong,

As the great mythical Greek gods,

Would force my way through all the trouble,

And would win against all odds!

I wish I could be as rich,

As the wealthiest king there has ever been,

Would live in riches and be benevolent,

Unlike anyone the world has ever seen!

I wish I was as fortunate,

As the lovely couples around,

Would love her to eternity,

My joy would have no bound!

My list of wishes is never ending,

I always find something I miss,

Can't help it; its human nature,

So cannot find happiness or bliss!

But I look around myself,

Sadness, starvation & deprivation is all I see,

I make a final wish from my heart,

Let everyone be at least as fortunate as me!


  1. Nice read, the best part is how it ends. Sends a very true message which touches your heart. Great job :)

  2. yes the ending held a strong message

    we should learn to count ourselves lucky when compared to those poor and needy

    nice poem mav :)

  3. oh Mav, dont we all wish the same?.. thank you for sharing this one with us :)

  4. @ Satans Darling
    Thank u so much! :)

    @ Aparna
    Glad that u likd it!

    @ Kajal
    NO, Thank you fr liking it. :)

  5. what began as a simple wishful poem ended at such powerful note.. whoa !!

  6. Seconding SD, it really is a marvelous piece.
    esp. the way you sum up the pearls in one choker. yeah the last lines ..awesome!

  7. wow... simple and sweet ... and yeah... the last verse left a huge impact on me... lovely thoughts.. !!

    keep it up.. keep writing.. cheers!


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