March 8, 2009

Transformation - From my Blog

You, you standing right there,

Yes, you wearing the Dark Black dress

And your face covered by long locks and short bangs;

What are you hiding, your eyes with that smudged black Kohl

Smeared all across your white as light face

You look so tall and healthy but I can sense the shiver

Running through your spine, as you kneel down helplessly

And cry and scream and wonder what went wrong

Just when you thought you had me all figured out,

I looked pretty simple and straight isn't it?

I saw you suffer from the time you had senses,

I saw you in hurt and despair,

I saw you worry, I saw you hurry

I saw enough, It was time to smile now my dearest.

For I saw you try, cry, attempting to die,

I saw you losing, losing your belief in me.

You thought you had me figured out then,

I was being ruthless, merciless, making you feel helpless,

Is all what you could think of

But I was just watching, watching your show.

Just when you thought of ending it all,

I started a new beginning,

You reluctantly embraced my shoulder for crying

You cried lakes and rivers and oceans, But

I knew I had to make you smile, shower you with care and concern,

Make you believe in me, make you better.

You did believe, but you went too far,

You thought I was your puppet

You thought you knew the in and out. You thought I was a plan.

It was time now for a reality check.

I am not your friend, I am not your lover,

Nor am I your near or dear one.

But I am there everywhere, whether you need me or not.

For one thing, you can never figure me out.

Taking for granted and being over confident,

Is not what I want of you,

I say this coz you, yes you my dearest, are my puppet.

And I, am a puzzle, waiting to be put together.

There are a million ways, but you need know which one is best,

As I watch you, hit you, shine on you, as your deeds be.

You struggled, you tried,

You got hurt, you cried,

You acquired me, you smiled,

Do you still not know I am a part of you?

I am as a matter of fact you.

And you thought you knew yourself all along,

Isn't this a shock?

But as I hide in your bosom this time,

Don't let go, I won't grant you a quarter.

It is time for change. It is time, for your transformation.

P.S. This is an attempt to show a conversation between Life, in person, with this girl


  1. very inspiring.. i have a lot to talk to my life.. i wish i could. and vice versa :)

  2. Kajal,

    I wrote this poem when I was standing at one such crossroad. And it just clears your head to a great extent. It took me a long, long time to come face to face with myself and my life. That is when I had written this poem :)

  3. hey SD, tell me your name ya plss ? :)can relate to the feeling.. but coming face to face with life is more of an achievment..:) proud of ya girl.. :)

  4. See Ash i told u this is ur best creation :-) .....neone can easily feel thru the poem as one goes thru it.....just overwhelming and amazing...wish someday i too can face Life with such open eyes.....
    Love Ya

  5. Ashrita.. this is one of the best conversations i read... u render me speechless... and lot impressed with your thoughts :)

  6. A mind-blowing piece..
    It really is an exertion of great mind to perceive the squeals of soul, of heart, of scruple. And esp. the way you have pen it with such inspiring words and expressions


  7. bloody hell Ash! this is like amazing! OMG! this is beautiful! I loved the depth of the poem exuded through the simple lines! :)

  8. Very well expressed, it is just more than a conversation, it is an indepth view of yourself, the inner you.

    Its always prudent to hear ourselves first, rather than others do it for us.It is something like coming into terms of life and our existence. Well written :)

  9. hnnm i really wish i could do the same.. talk to my life.. hnnm will give it a shot sometime..

    this was brilliant.. :)

  10. Thank you Nabs :)

    Prats, glad you liked it... I have been realizing as an amateur at poetry that the best work shapes up when you write it without a plan, when you write it through your heart :)

    Thanks UZ, I am very happy that it inspires you :)

    Thank you Apurva, thanks a lot :) and it is 100% original :P

    Kings, I think you got it the best. I did have a confrontation with myself, and it has left me spell bound... I think I am slowly coming to terms with myself :) Thanks for the compliment, especially from a person whose work I truly admire a lot!

    Ani, you should give it a shot for sure, it will help you in more ways that you think it would :) Thanks for liking it :)


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