March 8, 2009

Mood and the Energy Law!

I have come to the conclusion that bad mood can neither be created nor destroyed.It can only be transferred from one person to another.There are so many examples to support this view.I dont know whether this law can be applied on everyone's life but I am pretty sure about the one's around me.

Well once I was in a very bad mood.Few of my cousins conspired against me and made a mess of my day.Everyone around me treated me as if am some kind of a boogie man.It was damn frustrating...tried to watch the TV but there was no privacy.Everyone was just swarming around me.It was getting worse and luckily I received a phone call from my friend Shreya.Now she guessed correctly that somethings wrong with me and suggested that its better that I move out from the epicentre of problem.I agreed and we decided to watch a movie.But bad mood law was still not supporting me.every one around me had somekind of a force shield that protected them from dangerous bad mood energy.But kept radiating it on me and extracting my positive or good mood energy.There was no vehicle at home.Someone took it for their joy rides.I called my friend and told her to bring her barbie doll vehicle.She drove,I sat behind and we reached the multiplex on time.She went to park the vehicle and went to buy the tickets.

Turning point of the day:I met another friend mine near the counter.Priyanka was with her friend(boyfriend) .I learnt that they are going to watch the same movie.So we brought 4 tickets and I waited for Shreya to come back and the couple left inside.She came back from the parking lot a little late and we entered inside and I told her about the company that we had.And that was the moment.The moment of energy changes!

The other boy was head over heels in love(claimed) with Shreya just a few months before.But things did work out so it died off.Now she was surprised to see him with Priyanka.It was obvious that Priyanka didnt know anything about this.Well Shreya didnt react much but the boy's face was pale.Nothing much happend and we went inside after a little hello and took our seats.Now as the movie started I felt a Strange feeling inside me as if something is flowing out of me.

The movie wasnt that interesting but things around me was really getting spicy.Noone was interested in the movie and Shreya didnt allow me take interest elsewhere.The intermission proved to be a diaster for the boy who came to enjoy and have a happy time with his new found love.My destiny or fate had something else for him.Shreya told Priyanka everything abt him.The boy couldnt hide his face.I tried my best to pacify the situation.But angry gals are a difficult subjest to handle.Few moments later Priyanka left the multiplex the both followed her like the vodafone Pug.We stayed inside but I knew that I am not gonna listen to the movie's dialogues but shreya's monologue about the incident.

Surprising I was feeling better but everyone around me was in a very bad mood.Did I do something wrong??Nopes! Sitting together was Priyanka's idea,Movie was Shreya's idea. I thought there was no reason to feel guilty about what had happened.The movie finally ended an she(fuming mood) dropped me home.I was fine at home to.I was still smiling even thoughi was hearing the same things That I heard in the afternoon.

So i think this proves the mood and energy law.....
lolz what a day!!!what a day!!

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  1. u should send this to the science journal and get patents for this law...

    may be we will end up calling the vitruvian's mood law

    i really pity could that guy be so unemotional?

  2. seeing sm1 in a worse mood definitely cures my bad mood !! not intentioinal though ;)

  3. hehheehe sometimes it happens with me too.. suddenly i will be all pissed and the next moment I will bug everyone around and thus the law! :D interesting read..though in your case the transfer was induced by other parties and not you.. :)

  4. happens dude, things change as quickly as they begin, mood and energy is though directly related to our behaviour, depends how much we're influenced by them inturn affecting the situation around us. But that indirectly corresponds to the gravity of the situation and the reason why we're depressed, not in good mood or feeling low, or outta energy.

    anyways, life is like that, hang on ;)

  5. hehe it happens.. sometimes these things happen.. n it is not intentional .. n yes when we know someone else is having a problem.. it automatically shifts the focus from us to them.. n makes us feel completely light hearted..

    n yes as kings rightly said.. life is like that.. just hang on .. :)

  6. Hmm... I should be able to post a plethora of incidents on this one, so you shall have enough ways to prove it... and you shall have the patent! ;)

  7. hey,i liked ur story.ur idea about transfer of bad mood energy is very was humourous too.keep writing such unique stories.i really enjoyed reading it.

  8. lol hahaha how very interesting :D

    followed like a vodaphone plug :D wow


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