March 20, 2009

Soar high

Just wanted to write this after reading Gaurav's "void" poem

The free fall,
the cold air,
the feeling of
being weightless..
It gives you a high!!

But don't let
this freedom,
this ecstacy,
fool you so soon..
Life won't let you lie!!

Bottomless pit
is jsut an illusion,
a blinding light
can fill the abyss
lock your eyes with life!!

A somersault,
bow and bend,
spread your wings
held by hope
soar back in the sky!!


  1. :) i love this Pratsie ... but let me if you are planning to jump .. I ll be there to catch u :D

  2. nice, perfectly answering Mav's void that is me!

    read once that once you Trust yourself with Allah, and you're falling down two of it will happen

    1) He'll catch you before the fall.
    2) He'll teach you to fly.

    but most importantly, From the hands of Allah, you never fall at all :)

    although the poem is not in that context, still wanted to say that!
    last two verses are just so beautiful!

  3. i agree with asbah.. it made me feel every bit of it.. beautiful Prats..

  4. WOW!
    Thnx Prats! Such a wonderful reply! I tld u already u cum up wid thngs....awesome thngs everyday! dis is one of dem! sumthng dats missing des is my ability to myself!
    Bt thanx...luvd dis one!

  5. @Nave : I know you will be there !!

  6. Though the poem might not clearly say, i had this thought when i wrote this .. Thanks for putting it more clearly here Asbah !!

  7. My pleasure Kajal that you liked this ...

  8. Tell me are you a fan of Kamelot ??

    held by hope
    soar back in the sky!! <-- brilliant insight . Makes me think twice.

    Wonderful !!

  9. Hope is what keeps us going even in the gloomiest of hours..

    Loved it..

  10. M glad you liked it Mav .. but i would love if u follow your instincts to soar high !! Tk cre !!

  11. @Ragpicker : no !! i havent heard of him ever .. and thanks for the read and like :)

    @Charu : correct said dear !

    @Winnie : :)


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