March 18, 2009

The Void Thats Me....

A faint silhoutte in the evening sky,
I watch the wake of the jet, behind it fade,
Wonder why with life it isn't the same,
Why do the memories, the hurt, don't disintegrate,
Pale away, disappear,
As I ramble, mindless, into the dusk,
No sense of direction, no destination in mind,
Faltering footsteps, and a cold beating heart inside,
Every stone unknown to me, comes to life, taunting,
Painful reminders of all that has gone wrong,
Lurid tokens, of a tattered past,
It seems I have stepped over a threshold,
A demarcation between everything and nothingness,
I fall, free, into an abyss,
Life rushing past me, mocking,
Pushing me, aiding my plunge,
Plummeting into these depths,my feeble attempts,
At finding a hold, seem frail, a testimony to my will,
My soul knows, this trip to oblivion is one way,
Without an end,
Descend into this bottomless pit,
Where a helpless fall is all I can manage,
Maybe a few weak cries,
In stoic silence I witness the demise,
Of a rebel, a maverick,
As I give in to my fate,
And let go, drop into the void,
The void thats ME!


  1. thnx fr reading! questions I hav no real answers for!

  2. Maverick, I have never mentioned this before but I think you are a storehouse of talent and this is one of your best right here! And it is closer to me because I am kinda going through something similar in my life... Thanks a lot for the amazing read!

    WL rocks! I'm addicted now :P

  3. You wrote poem without rhyme scheme? WOW! Nice! I know where this comes hence wont comment on that! But welcome to the dark side of free verse! :D

  4. i am kind of through it, the same mode!
    bottom less feeling!
    of beng hung in the air and falling free!

    I hope you get rid of it soon!

    *wishes and prayers*

  5. wow...sheer brilliance...i understand the feeling behind these verses are hurting you every moment..but so happy to see you clawing can mav..dont let the brilliant writer in you die a silent death! never!!

  6. @ Satans Darling
    Thanx for the amazing compliment! Glad u likd it! Well the poem's jst an expression of wat am goin thru! so if nyone can relate to it, dey'll understand!
    And am happy to contribute my li'l bit towards ur addiction to the lounge! :)

  7. @ Rashi
    I have written poems without a rhyme-scheme b4 too! But this feeling of mine was such dat i couldnt confine it within the boundaries of rhyming words! Thnx fr liking it!
    Nd thnx fr da welcome!

  8. @ Asbah
    Thanx fr da wishes dear! Means a lot!

  9. @ Sandeep
    Thnx Sandeep! Glad u likd it! The writer in me is neva gonna die, coz dats da only thng dat I hav which defines me! But I dnt knw if I'll ever b able to gain lost ground! B da same! Nyways apreciate the motivation and encouragement!

  10. its really good bro.....u wrote ur thoughts .....kudos to u

  11. @ Prats
    so wat was dat supposed to mean????? Likd it, dint, wateva u feel!
    Plz xplain!

  12. Mav, one of your best for sure.. :) i am dreaming, hoping, praying day in day out for you to come up with a poem that brings a smile and not a drop of tear.. hey not that i dont like the tears... but hey you know what i mean :P

  13. Ya Kajal, I knw!
    thnx fr everything! :)

  14. you will get the explainations soon !!

  15. Thnx fr dem explanations, Prats! :)
    Was so much fun talkin to u!


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