March 20, 2009


Whosoever said that writers have a strong memory surely never met me. This beautiful incident took place recently when the weather Gods were in showering mood.

Since the morning the Sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds. When I left home for Math class I could smell love in the air. But Pooh! Pooh! Why did Sir have to announce a surprise Math test only today?? And like always, I performed worst. Donkey ! Half of my mood was spoilt then and the rest half in the tennis session. I lost consecutively three tennis sets to this 'not-so-cool' gal. Finally, I decided to skip my dance class and spend the evening in the Nature's laps narrating my sorrowful plaints to it.

I went on a ride with my friend Chini. And dears! Words fail me to express how I felt. The wandering clouds filched all my losses and pains. In moments I dissolved myself in the company of soothing winds, only when, "HONK! HONK!" The folk on the motorcycle ahead of me brought me back to my senses. I just narrow-escaped an accident. Chini started screaming at me. She was furious. Wow! So many odds happening in just one day. Beautiful!! Now only he could bring a smile on my frowned face (for all ye quick minds he denotes 'GOD'). If he sends rain I'd be 'chirpy-cheerful' again. By now Chini had taken bike from me and was making sure that I'm dropped safely inside my cocoon.

But BINGO!! It started raining cats and dogs. We took shelter under a huge historic banyan tree. I looked up in the sky and found Sun so very helpless. It was his time to shine but dark rainy clouds punished him. Hey! How am I supposed to know for what? I was just letting my mood take swings in cold breeze perfumed with wet Earth. Just as a raindrop fell on a leaf I deciphered the leaf dancing and smiling. All became so pure and serene. Yet something was missing.

Suddenly a boy on his bike joined us. Our eyes met for a fraction of second and the next thing my eardrums collected was,


"Hi?" Did he say to me? But I guess we were strangers. He repeated, smiling at me. I replied,

"Sorry. I didn't recognize you".

Hearing this he became a little of both, perplexed and angry. Nevertheless, he said,

"I know you. You studied in CMS and are too bad at Math"

Ahaan! What a perfect description of me…..are too bad at Math!! And expects me to befriend him! But my mind halted and heart panicked, "Is he a stalker?" He then said,

"Hey! Look at that. A rainbow. Once all the colours entered into an argument on who's superior. Just then God said: "None. You are nothing without eachother. From today when it rains each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of colours as a reminder that you can all live in peace. The rainbow is a sign of hope for tomorrow". And so whenever a good rain washes the world a rainbow appears in the sky. Ilashree".

Hullo! Hullo! I heard a striking stranger calling my name.

"How do you know my name?" I questioned.

"In 2003 we both participated in Chess Expo in CMS. I was in XII and you in IX then. Remember?"

Oh Ya! Some faint figures clouded my mind.

" Do you want Math tuitions from me?"

"But….." he paused me in the midway,

"You asked me a math problem then and the way I explained you said you'd loved to be taught by me".

Oh my saviour, saviour, saviour!! I was looking for you dear!! My heart palpitated.

"If you don't mind, have my number".

The rain had ceased and he'd left. Chini was at it again. "Why did you give him way? Don't you know boys…….."

Humph!! Well I've to end it up now. The Rainboy must be coming and I am still left with seven unsolved quirky questions….. Yeah! He teaches me now… Well, all strangers aren’t bad!!!!

( After creating so much of furore in WL through just my very second post, I am posting this one to simply lighten the airs. I don't want people to pereceive me in wrong light. If I am here in WL, my writings are for the loungers and not for myself. So, its okay, if anything gets deleted, I'll bounce back with something that appeals to the loungers taste. )


  1. Me too good in maths :p


    sweet and crisp post !!
    cheers..keep posting!

  2. Dearie
    I loved your previous post
    Thanx to Reader. I got updated with the post despite it being removed from the lounge.
    There was no misuse of writers freedom in the other post whatsoever. (My personal opinion)
    The post was hitting quite hard i guess so was seemingly raw. But then that is how social injustice needs to be brought out.
    Am all praise for you darling
    Keep 'em coming :)

    I ve not yet read this one though
    Will be back soon.

    Love and hugs


  3. Fresh and crisp..:)

    BTW you seem to be famous already hmm..;P
    I didn't read your previous post so don't know what's the hype all about but if I go by the first post you wrote I must say you write pretty well..
    So, don't bother are there to write and we to read.. And If one doesn't get freedom of expression here then what's the point of being here..
    I am all for you..
    And ya..I hope the Rainy boy is teaching you well..

  4. LOL!

    reminds me of a post 'tutor you in maths' I'd rather not post that one here!

    yeah you have a way to go :)

  5. Loved it! And loved your previous post too! Keep em' comin sister!


  6. O people you all make me smile :)

    Hashan ,

    what's your phone number, I really can't figure out this induction problem......

    ** WINKS ***

    Ouuh, Nandita, thankyou so much for reading 'Jaamuni - Ek Gaika' , and most importantly coming back with your feedback.

    I completely agree with you, but then, its been removed. No issues, anyways.

    But yeah, with support from people like you, I will continue to write with the same zest and flair, and I know, I'll be that one person here, who's posts will always make it into controversies.

    Nevertheless, thankyou so much Nandita.

    And hey, your name is sweet, 'Nandita' :)

    ((((( HUGS )))))

  7. why are u all hell bent to make meet some one special ?? this was just too good !!! verry sweet one... i am long fan of your writes !! go on....


  8. Aaww.... Charzz,

    I love you so much. Thanks.

    And nope, I know that freedom of expression is equally important, but then a writer should also cater to the taste of its readers, and at the same time, serving the society too.

    Its important for me to be here, even if my posts are ripped off, cause, I get to know how many writers are in for such reality bites, and also where my frequency of thoughts match.

    Hence, thank you so much Charzz :)

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

    And Asbah, thanks for the read and your wishes.

    Also, thanks for commenting on my webpage.

    Love you Jaana :)

  9. Hey Prats,

    All this can be some beautiful omen for you from the Heavens..... hey, did some cool dude recently shifted to your neighbourhood, or is it someone on my door?

    Check , Check ! :)

    Thanks for loving my writes :)

    I don't kiss girls, so here's a hug for you Pretty Princess :)

    (((((( HUGS ))))))

  10. And Satan's Darling, aka...... ?

    I don't know, am so new , jeesh !

    Thanks for the read and feedback :)

    Love's to you too sister.


  11. And am back :)
    U must ve guessed mt comments by now ;)
    Am tired of reading such stuff Illashree
    Gimme more of ur types
    Am all eyes :)

  12. Hey Ilashree,

    You've got such a beautiful name yaa! :)

    Your writes...I just loved your first one...Purple's Diary...and here comes the Rainbo(y)w...

    You just amaze me by the way you write... I mean every emotion... perfect blend of sugar n spice I tell ya! Kudos to you gurl... :)

    Keep 'em comin'...
    Can't wait for the next... :)


  13. now that you mention, let me open my eyes a bit to the new guys around me ;)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hey I'm relatively new here ..and I'm certainly not aware of the issues related to your previous posts (neither its any of my concern whatsoever).Just wanted to say it was an interesting and invigorating post and I'm waiting for further more from you. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    P.S : Even I sucked in MATHS since my school days. :D

  16. Math ruined many a lives..including mine!!

    Could not make a girlfriend outta my misery..but i sure hope u made a boyfriend outta it j/k



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