March 20, 2009

I Am Sorry KAN,this is for you!!


That night would just be a night,
If I hadn't met her.
For her,I was just a virtual friend,
a friend with no face,no voice.
In this world of Virtuality,
we turned onto really good friends.
Frail thoughts and fragile words,
and now they aren't the same.
and our friendship became tame.
Sorry is what I could say,
For they don't wish any fray.
Remember those late night chats,
those friendly words and smiles,
and today everything seems to be washed away.
Friends we were,
On the crossroads of life,
I promised to wish you and greet you.
"Hey KAN, I know you ," is what you wanted me to say.
Remember the poem that you wrote for this pal.
Excited I was ,and Emotional I turned.
Thanks for being my friend ,
in this virtual world of reality.
Am sorry for whatever happened.
I hope you forget it ,
as a bad dream, and talk to me soon.
I Am Sorry KAN.

(I know how hard it must be feeling for you.I never realized that it would hurt you to such an extent.... thanks for being my friend ...hope you talk to me soon...wrote a poem after many months ...forgive me )


  1. thank you for writing this..I am honoured!

  2. apt sorry poem !! :) really nice !!

  3. "thank you for writing this..I am honoured!"

    if thats wht u cud glad :-)

  4. a tears few,
    my fears new,
    i surrendered oh dew,
    in front of you.
    Call me a kid,
    and senseless too.
    But i am not feeling true,
    not myself, i am so blue.
    i dont know why a sad hue,
    is now infront of my view.
    Hopeless and devoid of sense,
    so much of impact you have, phew!
    at the risk of hurt i am,
    every moment, why? no clue?
    the vulnerable heart, oh dew.
    can i smile ? stibu?
    or it won't last too??

  5. sorry once again for everything.....i made u feel bad and sad.....sorry dear...hw cud i say that ...those wrds which cause u hurt.....

  6. phew ...rollercoaster ride of

  7. guess now alls well...that ends welll.... and happily ever after ...

    btw pinks... nice monorhyme themed poem in reply...

    and ste.. wonderful poem asking for sorry... first poem am seeing by ste for sometime... gr8 at that tooo.. nice pic u posted :)

  8. I don't know what's actually happening, but it feels so good that this lounge is more that just a lounge, its a place for personal emotions, annoyance, making up, some cries, some smiles, and a lot - lot more.

    Wow ! I am just loving it.

    And, yeap, Kingsley said it right,

    "All's wel, end's well "


    ***Nightie Night**

  9. ilashree

    this is more than a lounge...its like our family u see

  10. so happy...all in the family ;-)

  11. yeah ilashree it is a lot more than Just a lounge, let it reveal itself on you and you'll be spell bound too :)

    ste, arayy yaar kya huwa ? what is virtual friend han? and that too Just another virtual friends? you know all of us are a bit too much more than that :) and its so alright and its good to see someone realizes mistake :) thats it, friendship, a little more prior than ego :)

    *offers nut tea*

  12. Nice one Ste! I dnt knw wat happnd betn u nd Kajal! bt i knw u wld agree wid me dat its worth making up with her!
    Luvd dis one!

    c i tld u hw many ppl here held u in der hearts nd wld lose sumthng if u wer hurt!
    Sandeep....Stephen....Prats...Asbah....And i guess a lotsa oders frm WL!

  13. Totally agree with Mav .. sorry i have been too busy and tired offlate to catch up with any of you.. but you know where to find me in case you need :)

  14. Although i dont knw what happened but I knw one thng fr sure that If you gonna write sch beautiful words fr seeking apology KAn can't remain angry..

    gr8 piece of emotion..:)

  15. thank you all for knowing me so well and saying such wonderful things about me. and yeah Stibu is a sweetheart.. pagla friend! :)

  16. they say it is family after all, aint that right mates ;)



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