March 4, 2009


After posting the first one I realized that I should have posted all in one, so here it goes. The first one is inspired from an old song line that loiters in my memory! let me write few lines:

Tumhara aur mayra naam, Jangal mai darakhtoun per...
Abhi likha huwa hay tum, Kabhi ja ke mitaa o!
Bahaar ati hay laikin in darakhtoun per nahi ati
humare naam padhti hay aur wapis lout jati hay
yahi har baar huta hay!

Spring refuse to embrace
our names carved on the tree trunk!
Autumn lingers on.

Musk of your words remain,
sand slipped from our fists so quick
salt beads brimming lashes

Cross Roads.
an endless journey
crossroads that take you nowhere
always lead me places

White laced party gown
his gaze locking away her eyes
their 12 o' clock arrives!


  1. wowww...lovely!!
    haiku fever!! its spreadin man...its spreadin...hehe..

    *haiku declared an epidemic on WL* :D

    pics r also soo b'ful!!

  2. i bet curse my time table..i wanna write haiku..i wanna write...:(( :((

    and asbah....the crossroad was too good..

    and i loved the way u summed up the whole story of cinderella in a haiku.....

    too good :)

  3. hehe thankyou, actually these are written during work, in office ;)

    so Gulshan never curse your timetable, something like when going gets tough?? hehe

  4. haiku haiku haiku....

    yuppies.... enjoyed all...but the crossroad was way too good.. because it was deeply meaningfull and something that we can relate to.. nice cindrella story..suits for a story in a sms... ;)

  5. hey how do u ppl do it.... i tried durin office hours... but alas :(... went blank everytime i would think of writin a haiku.. either time the syllables arent perfect... *sighs*

  6. try try again Kings, believe and thats it :D

    *waits rash, tan and Prats to check these*

    and where is Leo and Ste? hmm

  7. hey king and asabh...even i tried....rules ..i hate em al...was unable 2 get the syllable right...and then the debit credits occupied most of ma brain cudn do it...ll do it after 6...boss goin ll hav lotsa tiem ....

    cheers :) :)

  8. Only one that syllables worked up fine, but not that poetic was this tribute to prats, as of yet thats the most i could do ;)

    poems to learn and write
    courtesy incredible prats
    having gala time

    what do ya say ;)

  9. nice haiku

    thanks prats for creating this haiku fever after acrostic poetry .....WL officially declares u as the poetry teacher here

  10. Lovely Asbah! Talent in abundance and on display! :)

  11. @memories : "musk of your words" .. wow :)

    @Cindrella : lovely

    @Crossroads :philosophical

    @First one : autamn lingers... waah waah ..

    u render me speechless dearie !!! u have surpassed me here.. and m so much glad


    Love ya !!!

  12. @Kings : thatt was sooo sweet of u dear .. m honored to have met you guys here !!

  13. Asbah... i loved all of definitely takes a genius like you to churn out masterpieces like these.. *hugs*

  14. Good Ones Asbah ... and the pics are so apt!! I like posts with pics ... they are so inter related at times, that the writes seem to be incomplete...

    I have to say that the syllable count is not exactly followed but if you are writing like the way you did, do I care for that??? WELL ... I DO NOT!! And hope Pratibha will not care for it too ... ;)


  15. Haiku kaiku ? :P j/k

    Sarkar of writers lounge please declare this an epidemic :P

    Adored all of them..specially the cindrella one!!!

    Tora tora :P

  16. Oh and the pics...maashaallah.subhaanallah..!!totally fab..!!

  17. thank you all.

    Tan, I rechecked when Vin pointed this out. Since I am novice, so prone to error.

    Edited them according to syllable count.
    although, as he said, Mine do not have the season-al effect to all of them, I'd declare them Haiku Like posts :)

  18. Rohan, LoL ! Thankyou. Waiting for you to write :)

  19. ps. I owe gratitude to Vinay for helping me edit these :)

  20. Thanks for considering ... I'm just too new to this, so the first things that comes into my mind is the rules ... hehehe ... I dont want to get a scolding from Prats!! lol ...

    Dont bother about the Seasonal affect - Prats said, it would be good if the seasonal thing is there ... if not, no probs ...

    The only thing that needs to be taken care of is 5-7-5 ...

    I dont know ... if I'm wrong, correct me and then scold ... its ok to do so!!

  21. thanks Tan for commenting on my behalf .. excuse my delay in checking count coz i am too tired today :(

    and i trust ppl to use counter to check that .. but seems counter 1 is not working .. so depend on the counter 2 mentioned in the haiku rules post !!

    tw, except cindrella, all had seasonal mentions... and iu myself dnt stick to that rule much ;)

    nice editions asbah !!

  22. there is a 3-6-3 syllable too na, will try that tomorrow inshAllah!

  23. A collection of profound haikus :)
    I jus love it Asbah :)

  24. here a haiku, there a haiku, haiku haiku everywhere... hehe.. okay i'll stop it...

    I'm enjoying this stuff man..!!

    I liked the 'Memories' and 'Cross Roads' the most... :)

    again.. Three cheers to Prats for spreading this lovely disease called- Haiku..


  25. welcome for the syllablic thing asbah! but like tan said, when u write so beaut, who cares for syllables! :)

  26. awww that was lovelyy..

    i love the cinderella.. its just beautiful.. n the pic was sooo lovely.. just beautiful..

    pretty me u should be happy the way everyone is gettin on with the haiku fever.. :)

  27. *jumps Jumps Jumps* :P

    *falls down the chair*

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