March 7, 2009

My first post here :)

P.S Hello guys! I have been reading this blog for sometime now.. and been wanting to join for a long time. Finally I am here Umm some of you know me as Winnie the poohi (on my other gmail ID)

I see that there is wave of Limericks going on here.. so well here's my try :)

A man once bought his bride,
A very fine horse to ride.
The horse took flight;
Pushed her in fright,
She took this on her stride!


Betty liked to sing songs sublime
She sang them for a long, long time
And in due course,
her voice went hoarse;
They applauded her with many a dime!


  1. Welcome aborad meena ;)
    Hope u remember me :P

  2. I liked the second one!!
    little different.

  3. hey second one is melodious : P :D

  4. hey Meena.. welcome to WL.. :) and the entry with limericks... way to go girl!!

  5. hehe tht was nice.. i liked the second one better though .. :)
    and welcome to WL

  6. i loved the first one dearie !!! write on !!

  7. nandu how can I not ? :O

    mohita thank you :)

    Gulshan really? :D :D

    Pink orchid ahh yes opening with a bang :P

    Ani thank you :D

    Ah pratsie yay!!

    And all I am so glad to be here finally :D

  8. aayiye! tashreff rakhiye....!!!

    Nice post! I liked the first one. :)

  9. nice rhyming l'ricks both are equally good ;)


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