March 7, 2009

Melody of my life...

Hi friends....well this is my first post to this blog...
i wrote this poem back in 2007...hope you like it.....

I catch the hold of my delicate strings

Strike them and try to forget my sins

These strings unweave the hurt below

It slowly loosens the hurt once known

Rhythm of these strings along with my music flow

Like water drops down green leaves they go

They strike a chord deep into my heart

The chord which fills up my ache at last

The music fills my empty ground

Like sand into a pit dug out

Dug out by those filthy hands

With the harshest strike like sharp knives

Into the soft sands in which died many lives

The music flows like the soft sand

Deep down, away from those filthy hands

From minds of wicked people who try

To make me cry till my mind goes dry

Yet again these strings move

They strike a chord and change my mood

These pits are filled with minds not dry

And I tell myself-"No need to cry"

"The sand will come, the sand will go

Desperate hands will dig at you

But you have to be as soft as sands

So that you can flow deep with music

Away from those filthy hands"



  1. Amazing,intense.!!
    Thought provoking too.
    And,an equally amazing pic to boot..

  2. leved the way thoughts have been weaved into a beautiful poem.. welcome aboard Ritwik.. :)

  3. Its like a song.. nice rhythm going on in the poem :)

  4. nice poem, beautifully written, could be lyrics of song with gr8 music ;)


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