March 7, 2009

Shall We Dance???

PreScript: CrossPosted from my blog

We sit at the table,

Looking at each other,

Thinking about our life,

And the moments spent together!

I look her in the eyes,

I can feel the love within,

Words just don’t come out,

It’s that magical feeling!

And then somewhere in the distance,

A soft melody plays,

As if someone's strumming the strings of my heart,

Reminds me of the old days.

The music works its magic,

The rhythm fills my body,

I can see her feeling it too,

Her eyes giving her away.

Together we glance at the dance floor,

As if it was the only place we wanted to be,

I stand up and hold out my hand,

And ask her "Would you like to dance with me"

I hold her close to me,

And suddenly the place's empty,

It’s just us and the dance floor,

And the soulful melody.

We go around slowly,

Our bodies moving unconsciously,

The rhythm coursing through our souls,

Harmony flowing in our veins, thoroughly.

The music builds to a crescendo,

The notes reaching a high,

We look at each other, pure ecstasy in our eyes,

And time just stops, her lips let escape a sigh.

The melody ends, we come back to our senses,

Back to the table and I cast her a glance,

I open my mouth to say something and again the music starts,

I smile at her and manage to say “Dear, Shall we dance?"


  1. woaaaa.. i could almost hear the melody and soulful duo so much in!!

  2. awwwwww.. that was nice one.. loved it.. :)

  3. a musical poem mav...just wow

    romantic also

  4. @ Ani & Aparna
    Thanx fr likin it, gals!!!! :)

  5. its some feeling i have wen i dance on my own... just the music n me... lovely poem !!

  6. Thx Prats! Glad dat u likd it Kings! :)


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