March 3, 2009


“What the f***… “ I cursed the lift.

This was it. It couldn’t get any worse. It had been a terrible, terrible day! Tears welled up in my eyes. God hated me. He did. Helpless, I dragged myself up the stairs, my breath interspersed with muffled sobs. I had hit nadir. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I reached my destination—the seventh floor.

The door was open. He stood at the door, impatient, waiting for me. Alas, I was so absorbed in my sorrow that I walked right past him into the living room. He could sense that I was upset. Without uttering a word, he followed me into the kitchen. He stood there, looking at me as I opened the refrigerator, poured myself a glass of water, and gulped it. He still stood there, probably giving me time to come to terms with myself.

I sighed and started to walk towards the bathroom to wash my face. After gaining a little composure, I opened the door of the bathroom, only to find him waiting right outside. He simply looked at me with his deep brown eyes. He wanted to say something, probably ask me what was wrong; however, I was in no mood for such games—deciphering what’s going on in his mind. In a huff, I walked past him to my bed and lay there sobbing.

Suddenly, I felt him close, next to me, the warmth of his breath on my neck. The next moment, I felt his hand on mine… a sort of reassurance that he was there for me. I needn’t worry. His hair rubbed against my shoulder, still moist and fragrant from a shower about an hour ago.

I turned. Our eyes met. Oh those deep brown eyes! By then, my sobs had subsided a bit. And then, I closed my eyes as his lips landed a tender caress on my cheek. His grip on my hand tightened, as though he held it to calm me down. I opened my eyes to look at him. I can never forget the look on his face—innocent, reassuring, smiling, calming—it touched me deep inside my heart. Traces of a smile appeared on my face. Not a word was spoken. But still, I somehow knew that with him by my side, everything was going to be okay. He loved me… unconditionally.

Tears welled up in my eyes yet again, but this time around, they were tears of joy, of love, of belonging. I lovingly ran my fingers through his hair, smiling and crying at the same time… to which, he responded…

…with a jubilant “Bow wow!”

All was fine. Life was beautiful again. With Trixcy around, it would always be…

PS: This post is espcially for Trixcy, my pet doggie. Every evening, he waits for me at the door, and follows me all over the house wagging his tail. He can't read this, but he is right here, sitting next to me and staring at the screen and now, at me... with the same deep brown eyes, as I post this. :)


  1. cool...muhazz to trixcy..i hope u don't mind...;)

  2. course I know its a dog!

    but what if not kept with me till the end :P Loved it :D

  3. it was awesome.. Trixcy is a star!! :D

  4. tht was awesomee...

    awwww.. for trixy muahhhhh

  5. i wanted her to change the name trixie before posting... the name is too feminine for a dog.. sounded like the 'trixie' in the comic strip 'hi and lois'.

    but she wanted to keep the name... that's love :)

  6. woow..cute trixcy... i absolutely can relate to it, its a wonderfull feeling when we have pets..especially dogs... they're so passionate and damn intelligent... even i have a german sheperd named lays down near the door because of the cool breeze that comes that way.. when i'm back home.. giving a bark or two it runs straight to my room and jumps on my bed and lies until i come inside and plead max to get down.. then we have a cuddly fight... with some bow wowss... and it really feels good to be back home again...a wonderfull carefree feeling it is...

  7. wow..cute n sweet post....well written!!
    trixcy ki doosri pic b lagani thi..i told u..he looks more handsome wid the haircut! :P

  8. so very cute.. :)

    Very well written btw..!!


  9. @ Gulshan

    Lick lick... and muaah.. from Trixcy!!! ;)

  10. @ Asbah

    Gracias! Glad you loved it!

    Trixcy is honored! ;)

  11. @ Orchid

    Yeah... Trixcy truly is a star! But he doesn't mind giving you an autograph on your cheek.. lick lick!! ;)

  12. @ Ani

    Muaah... from Trixcy! He is staring at your pic now... I think he likes your eyes!!!


  13. @ Insanely (Not Faisal... ;))

    Yeah... I wanted to put his foto... changing his name wouldn't have gone with that. Anyways, as the first one to whom I showed my draft... thanx a zillion! This means a lot to me and Trixcy!

    Lick lick... and bow wow from Trixcy! ;)

  14. @ King

    Yeah dude... you described it very well! Sometimes, I feel Trixcy is irritating... but the way he looks at me, tongue slightly out, and wagging his tail... my heart melts! every single time!

    He's a baby... my sweety Trixcy!

    Bow wow... from Trixcy! ;)

  15. @ Pinku

    Poor thing looks malnourished in his after haircut foto! I didnt want people to think that we dont feed him. That's why I put this foto! ;)

  16. @ Pinku

    Thanx... m glad you liked it! Hope I was able to build some suspense! ;)

  17. @ Arjun

    Thnx dude!! Am glad you liked the write-up! Hope the suspense was good! :) (m all smiles...)

  18. @ all

    Trixcy says...

    Boooooowwwwwwww woooooowwwwwww!!!

    (probably means thank you in doggie lingo)!!!

  19. chweet doggie...!!

    nice post neha!


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