March 3, 2009

2 Point Someone..!! Part - 8

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

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Prof Tan rang the door bell . This time Chirag was vexed and was ready with a cane to thrash the thug. Prof Tan was adjusting his white Kurta and his bag which was made up of khaadi. Chirag closed his eyes and opened the door . He didn't had any intentions of surprising his visitor ,but he wanted to bash the person hard on his head. He soon slashed Prof Tan with the thick cane that he had. "Mo,Mo," he screeched in a typical Bengali accent. "Mo,kya hai guruji?," Chirag said . "Ma,Ma," Prof Tan corrected himself. "Sir,I'm very sorry sir," Chirag apologised to his hindi teacher.
"Batameez!! chalo maaf kar diya tumhe," Prof Tan was yelling in pain.
"I wrote a poem for you sir," Chirag buttered Prof Tan. "Sunao beta," Prof Tan adjusted his kurta once again.

"Ajab gajab kahaniyo ka hai vo sartaaz
kaise banate hai khhobsurat kavitaye koi sikhe inase aaj,
kuch shabd nahi hai inaki taarif me mere pass inake liye aaj,
bas yahi kahunga ke dilo ka raja hai mera TAN sir"

"Athi Sundar Chirag," Prof Tan patted his back and gifted him a pen. Chirag had a sharp look at the pen and got annoyed. "Sir,sach batao , Yeh 2 rupaya ki pen hai naaa," Chirag's eye turned red in anger. "Han beta,tumhe kaise pata," Prof Tan said as he was searching for page number 34 of the Hindi text book. "I have many pen like these ," Chirag smiled. Meanwhile Ste and RJ were enjoying the scene. "Tan sir gifting him a 2 Rs pen hehe ," RJ started laughing like mad. Ste soon gave him a kick on his butt and they both left the place. "Yar, where will we get the program from ?," Ste started sweating profusely as he was feeling tensed. "Lets go to Prats house," RJ said and they both head for Prats house..

Ste and RJ always had this bad habit of peeping into some ones window. They did the same at Prats place and they were shocked to see Riversoul sir taking tuitions from Prats.
"Oh my god!, whats happening yaar?," RJ was shocked to see the scene.
"Sir, Pointers are memory reference variables and we use it quite often in C and C++," Prats behaved like an Engineering college professor.
Riversoul sir was grinning , displaying all his 7 gold teeth which were reflecting . He was jotting down important points on his notebook.

"Damn!! lets leave this place before they see us," Ste told RJ and they both left.
"Lets go to Ashrita's house," RJ said to his best friend Ste.
"Ashrita has fractured her legs dumb and shez in hospital man," Stetold him .

" Priyanka !!," Ste asked RJ if they could seek help from their bunker friend Priyanka. "Priyanka ,huh, I am leaving now," RJ thought that Priyanka was good for nothing who loved her laptop much more than her friends.

"What will we do now?," Ste wiped out the sweat from his forehead.
"Rickshaw," RJ called for an auto and they both left for Dharmendra Park. "Why are we going to Dharmendra park?," Ste was confused.

"Thats a secret !!," RJ winked at Ste.
"Ring Ringa ,Ring Ringa Ringa," RJ was singing songs like crazy and Ste grimaced.

"Ding Dong!!," they both rang the bell of room number G5.
" Tain Tain Tainnnnnn," A tall man wearing some cock faced mask jumped in front of the door.
"Mummy!! help,"Ste hid behind RJ.
"Yo,,whats all this?," RJ asked the tall guy.

"Ste, haven't you heard of StepMAN ?," the person said.
"Even kids these days roam around with this StepMAN mask," he added.
The person soon removed his mask and Ste was surprised to see his principal Sandeep Balan.

"Heya Princi!!," the three did a jaadoo ki jappi .
Sandeep Balan soon invited them to his room which had a single bed. RJ scanned through the entire room and he got a glance of a person who was drawing sketches on a paper.
He had a crown on his head. He was as tall as Sandeep Balan.
Ste went close to him to greet the person .

"Hey stop Ste!," Sandeep asked them to stay away from the guy.
"He is my roomie King and he is working on StepMAN's wadrobe,"Sandeep whispered as King was work concious. King was designing the polka dotted boxers for StepMAN. Sandeep Balan told that King would get annoyed if anyone disturbs him while doing some work. King was a costume designer.

"You see this boxer that I am wearing ?," the Princi showed his boxer that was flamboyant with different fruits and vegetable designs .
"Yeahh!!," they both said in unison . "This is designed by our King himself," Sandeep was praising his room mate. RJ could see his principal's Laptop lying on the bed.
adorable.richa83: hey Balu ,wht u had for dinner ?
balu83: umm yummy!! delicious crabs with tamoto sauce.
adorable.richa83: chii ,gande ..u eating crabs.
balu83: live crabs ..yummy.
adorbale.richa83: what about your twin brother?
balu83 : don't talk about him..
adorbale.richa83: .....
: Buzz!!

: Janu I am sorry if I hurt you!

adorable.richa83: so sorry...u there .....reply karo naa balu.
adorbale.richa83: don't you remember our college days.
: hey .........

adorbale.richa83: Buzz!!

RJ was smiling after reading all these chats. He could see Richa on cam. She looked upset as her lover boy Sandeep was not replying to her chats.Meanwhile Ste was staring at King.King impressed Ste with his works . RJ noted Richa's email id on his mobile phone.

"Damn!! Ste, Richa looks gorgeous man,"RJ was smiling .
"Where ?when ? let me see her," Ste wanted to see Richa .

"So guys, see now we are like best friends ,so tell me how could your Princi help you?," Sandeep Balan took a sip of his favourite black coffee.

"Sir ,we want a program for Matrix computation," Ste said to his Principal.
"Program!! Oh God how could I forget it," He said and he searched for the TV remote. He switched on the TV set and "Yays ," he screamed after seeing his favourite Raghu hosting the Roadies show on M TV.
"Idea presents Roadies,"
and the Principal was smiling.

"Sir, we need your help sir," RJ said. "Shhh!!," Sandeep asked both of them look at Suzanna and Paoulomi.
"Damn!, this guys crazy man,"Ste pinched RJ who was looking at Natasha.
"Sir, we need your help," Ste was losing his temper.
"Shh!!I will help you once Roadies gets over," Sandeep Balan said.
"Oh my god ! Just look at Paulomi muaaaha," He was looking at Paulomi with his mouth wide open.

To be continued ..


  1. "Riversoul sir taking tuitions from Prats..."

    "Heya Princi!!," the three did a jaadoo ki jappi.

    And the outright winner is...

    "You see this boxer that I am wearing ?," the Princi showed his boxers that was flamboyant with different fruits and vegetable designs.

    Why would a princi show off his boxers to his students? Why, on earth?


    still ROFLMAO!!

    gr8 work guys!!!

  2. I'm liking this principal by the day man..!! He rocks..!! ;)

    Riversoul taking tuitions from Prats... hehe... damn funny..

    Now dude... somewhere in Delhi, Priyanka would be in search of a broomstick to hit me.... after reading this.. :P

    nice n funny bro..!!

    I personally feel this series is doing good..!! Characters well established... ;) atleast i feel so..

  3. bahut badhia yaar
    1 number hai
    2rs ka pen vala kissa to shandar tha
    aur vo mr princi bhi gajab hai

  4. as i readin it on sunday...full series at one time...wid a cup of cappuccino...don wanna miss the fun..and cant read now..else ll b stick to this...and my studies ll go down d drain :P :D....

    oh man..sunday bhi kinna dur hai

  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy woowwwww! one of the best parts of the series.. each and every sentence was like superb.. maza aa gaya..

    'sir, ye 2 rs ka pen hai na?'


  6. Tan should thank Chirag a lot for the poem ... asha karta hun ki Chirag aur likkhega ... wah wah!!

  7. well its gettin more interesting.. nicee.. waiting for the next one now.. :)

  8. Kings is in now as the costume designer :P
    he he rofl ;)

  9. ROFL ............................................................................................................................................................... LMAO................................................................................ ;) :D :P

    Prof Tan

    Prats behaved like an Engineering college professor

    "Heya Princi!!," the three did a jaadoo ki jappi

    "This is designed by our King himself

    That was one helluva read early mornin before work...hehehehe...

  10. yeah arjun, characters seem to be established well, gr8 work ste.... looking forward to read the series at one go ;) that would do some funny justice ... damn good... enjoyin it ..

  11. haha ..what is mo mo lol...That ain't bengali :D

    Roadies thing was hilarious though .....

  12. Gosh !! m in splits laughing over princi looking at paulomi with mouth open !!!


  13. wow...funny man!! :D
    2 rupee ka pen was d best...hehe...
    n princi toh...boxers..fruits..kings..stepMAN..all entertainment!!
    n priyanka loves laptop more dan frnds...huh...hehe...
    yess :D

    gud goin..write d nxt fast!!

  14. lol.. rofl... WOW!! :D


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