March 7, 2009

Limerick: A Bald Old Man!

A bald old man from Delhi
Had the most voluminous belly
In Chandni Chawk
He flutters like a hawk
All know him as Mr. Smelly

I'm loving it in here ... everyday, its something new - something to learn ... Keeping mind and thought open to all these is very important ... Thanks to Gulshan for introducing us to this type... I'm happy that I tried!!

Mates, I just caught hold of a Good web link and I am sure you will be happy visiting it. Please check: Yesterday's Island


  1. Eeeks! You made me picture that man so well! A big belly plus smelly? I wonder who makes his jelly?

    Sorry Sad rhyming!

  2. now this the perfect limerick !!

  3. I'm happy that I tried!!

    and i am overjoyed taht u got it so perfect....:)

  4. @ Rashi

    Jelly will set sometime and will rhyme like never before ... just wait, until someone makes it to rhyme ...

  5. @ Pratibha

    Thanks for liking it ... the link is what I caught hold of, after searching a lot about Limericks, to know it better ... I came to this through the Wikipedia link posted by Gul ... I'm sure people will know the exact flow and motive of a Limerick once they visit the link here ... It was informative as well as a good read!

  6. @ Gulshan

    I just followed your rules, Gul ... I'm happy that you told it to be perfect!!

  7. smelly is cute in the pic..:) chubby cheeks..
    and the poem was (fun)tashtic :)

  8. he he....i read Mr Smelly walks first.....
    both of them are hilarious....
    the pic suit Mr Smelly... :D

  9. nice one tan ;) mr smelly had belly like a jelly ;)


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