March 7, 2009

Forever wasn't so short!

Please dont let this turn into something its not
I really did try to give it everything I got.
I know I didn't give it as much as I should
But I really did give it everything I could.

I wish I could make this last forever.
I know, now, this step was not clever.
I wish I could change things, if I just could.
I would unbreak your heart, if I just could.

Sometimes, I just feel so hollow inside.
I couldn't let you in, even if I tried.
This pretense wont last for long.
I wish things didn't seem so wrong.

My hasty decisions and carelessness
is the truly cause of all this bitterness.
Wishes and hope is all I can give.
And pray you can forgive.

Heavily borrowed from Snow Patrol's Make this go on Forever!


  1. A good one ... and considering the underlying thought in it ... it was awesome ...

    Thanks for sharing it with me before posting it here ... I appreciate that ... wish I could help you in completing it ... but then ... you know, I could not!!

    Keep writing :)

  2. this is just perfect apology ,, so heartfelt ... so sweet .. it just melts your heart ..

  3. Very precise emotions, Rashi! That one cannot give his whole but made an attempt because he/she thought the relation was important enough is what matters. Cannot really blame the protagonist for it not working out.
    I guess it never is about forgiving but about forgetting. Its about whether the other person was committed too. The depth to which he was entangled would make it difficult for him to move on. But then there should be no bitterness because they both parted on a frank and well thought note. Both understood.
    Besides now that its done with, even if one of them wants to keep thinking and still feels something, den he/she has to work it out. Has to deal with it on his/her own accord.
    Oops...this is turnin out to b quite a sermon! :P
    Sumone tld me i always resorted to preaching. Here an example! :P :P
    But luvd the poem.

  4. @Rashi: one of the best poems i have read so far.. for the simple reason that it goes straight to the heart and stays there for quite some time..

    @Mav: *bows* to the clarity of thoughts above :)

  5. that was lovely..

    n well i havent seen an apology so beautifully written.. :)

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  7. I didnt read snow patrol's....

    But i found this nice...

    keep writing........ :)

  8. havnt heard the song but i can say, seems as worthy of lyrics of a super good song, meaningfull lines :)


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