March 15, 2009


First, apologies for using such a word. However, it was neccesary becoz otherwise, it wouldn't have the required impact. This poem is intended to convey a certain emotion and hence, the usage!!
You came into my life one day,
All set to woo me,
Don’t know why the jerk in you,
That time I couldn’t see…

Jerk, you called me every day,
And never failed to praise,
You kept trying to impress me,
In just so many ways…

And finally, I fell for you,
Oh jerk, you had won,
You knew, you had me trapped,
And now you could have fun…

I sincerely cared for you,
I was the fish trapped in your bait,
But, thankfully I saw your true colors,
Before it was too late!

So jerk don’t think that you can play with me,
And then roam scot-free,
I’ll teach you a lesson which you,
Won’t forget till eternity!

( Dedicated to all the guys who do not care about hurting the feelings of girls....hope this poem is a lesson for all of you...)

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  1. y m i not able to see the poem ? is it just me ??

  2. oops sorry.. used the wrong font color... now can u see it??

  3. @#$%^&*&^%$##@$%@^@&&@&^@$$$%^&#%%

    That's all I can say to that jerk!

    How dare he trouble my lil' sis!

    Abhi bhai ko uski supaari deti hoon...



  4. jerky expressed the feelings well... guess thats how boys are and its a nature to 'em, but not all are so bad. So better to be carefull as said... ;)

  5. i hope all the guys out there get the message

  6. strong use of words, Mona! nice poem! but as Kings said, nt all guys r bad!
    Besides der r sum gals out der who da same too! Nd we already hav a poem ready, hav to jst change da gender! :P ;)

  7. @ kings and maverick... nothing against the male its just an emotion that i have tried to put into words... i know all guys are not bad.. !! n i agree with u maverick... some gals r bad too!!

  8. i am with you in this.. this jerk could do with a strong lesson or two..

  9. @ kajal.. yaaay... united we stand... !!!

  10. i LIKED the poem.. but i LOVED the last lines and the strong tone !!

  11. Never be sorry for yr words girl... You feel he is a jerk.. Use it .. Tell him... I do agree with the men here. This poem could apply to women too :) It is a personality you see...

  12. The first expression i had on my face after reading this was "A Wicked SMILE" ;)
    Very-Well written..The use of "JERK" throughout the poem is very interesting..i luvd it..

    Somehow I have experienced that personally so can relate to it.. But unlucky me.. I haven't been able to find an opportunity of Teching him A Lesson..I hope find it soon..:D

    The closing lines are Very Good..I loved the confidence n "i-will-show-u-starz-in-day kinda attitude..

    Keep up..Cheers..

  13. wow :D
    LOL Mona!
    I want to send this one to all my girl-friends so that they can send it to their respective x-y-zs!

    *hugs* :D

  14. n BTW..I too agree with a lot f people here..
    Women can be that way too..after all its a Personality trait..has got nothing to do with Gender..N believe me its sad but women can give good competition to men on that too..

  15. thanks for teh poem...i can think of gifting this to a lot of ppl ;)

  16. fit hai !:P
    seconding asbah,it really should be forwarded to the girls to let their such type of "X-Y-Zs" see their feet!

    keep up girl!


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