March 15, 2009

Etched in memory

Pre-script: Cross-posted from my blog

Under the blanket of the dark sky
Lit up by stars
They lay next to each other
Their hearts thumping wildly
Wanting to be one but holding back…

The world was fast asleep, and the wind
Hummed a mellow tune
Their chests heaved together
They breathed as though they were one
So close, yet so far apart…

They pulled closer… and closer still, until
They could hear each other sigh
He looked at her
She looked away
Their lips trembling to meet…

And then…

Their lips, parched for love, finally met
In a kiss so divine
Their hearts, united, beating as one
Their breaths, in harmony with each other
Their bodies, entwined…

Crazily passionate, hungry for love
Their lips, locked
Their souls, one
They lay in each other’s arms
And let themselves drift away to sleep…

And the world around was in a deep slumber
Oblivious, unaware
Of the union, the communion
The moment, the night,
That magical night…

(PS: This is NOT a work of fiction or imagination. I was afraid that the memories of that special night would fade away with time. This is an attempt to capture those moments in words so that the memories of that night remain with me forever. Dedicated to him...)


  1. Wow... one word... Passionate!!

    the essence of the moment is beautifully captured in you poem... and wonderful choice of words, i must say...!!

    yes.. some moments are really special and etched in one's memory... may this one remain with you forever... enjoy the memory... cheers!!!

  2. very good neha
    very romantic and touching poem
    and it shows that you really love that moment

  3. Hey Neha, my heart skipped a beat, reading this! passion and romance entwined .. :) beautiful - simply beautiful :)

  4. Normally I'm much devoid of any sort of romance or any cosmic fantasies and I remain under the influence of drugs most of the time but somehow reading your poem kinda triggers some sort of a ignition in the soul ! good writes ! thanks

  5. nice dedication to him !!!! a passionately written and displayed the high octane situation for the two souls trying to kiss for the first time and etched in memory for time to come!!!!

    I just want to pull of a debate, is love about passionate kisses alone, does everyone who kisses that way remain together, does physical contact has anything to do with true love !!!! no offense meant, just like that :D

  6. so much passion entwined in this poem

    its beautifully written

  7. da beauty and the emotion dat the moment should never end was captured so wonderfully well in this one! Luvd it Neha!

  8. @ Mona

    Thanx dear! Everytime I read this poem, I kinda re-live the moment... Personally, this is the best poem I have written so far, I think. Probably becoz it's about something so close to my heart!


  9. @ Chirag

    Thanx! I believe everyone of us has some moments that we'd like to remain with us forever. Try capturing it in words. The satisfaction it'll give wil be tremendous!


  10. @ Kajal

    Glad your heart skipped a beat while reading this! The passion and romance come across stronger because this is not a work of fiction or imagination.



  11. @ Ragpicker

    That's by far the best of comments I have ever received! If my poem could have such an effect, I think all my writing has been worthwhile.

    One word... honored!


  12. Sigh! You ignited a lot of memories girl! Seriously.. I could imagine each and every word described here.. Good going girl.. me <3

    @ Kings,

    No. The kiss can be the expression of the love. And thats what makes it special. Love is what is the most important.

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  14. @ Kings

    Thanx! I had to dedicate this to him... and no one else!

    Hmmm, about your debate. Neither the poem, nor I, wish to say that true love is about physical contact, or passionate kisses alone. True love is much more than that. However, love is decorated with moments like these, when no word are spoken, no feelings are expressed, but the love and the passion is only experienced.

    Each one of us has our own ideas about love, and I am not passing value judgments on anyone. This is just a lovely moment that happened in my life. And inspired me to write about it!


  15. @ Aparna

    Thanx dear! Am glad you liked it. I wrote this poem about a month ago, and everytime I read it, all emotions get re-kindled.



  16. @ Maverick

    You caught me! True, I wish that moment had lasted forever... Alas... the wish remains...

    This is just my way of keeping it alive, within my own heart!

    Glad you liked it!


  17. @ Rashi

    I am glad I could almost re-create the entire experience for you! Feels great to have touched someone with my poem!


  18. I already m impressed with this one.. very few can create writes about such moments even if true... wow!!

  19. @ Pretty

    That's a HUGE compliment! Thanks so much pretty... :)

  20. Phrases used are extremely Beautiful..really Heart Touching poem..I loved it a lot..Thanks Dear :) Excellent..Keep It Up:)

  21. @ Creativity

    Thanx so much! Am glad you liked it! And I hope to come up with better poems in the future!


  22. as i said on your blog too, One word:


  23. @ Asbah

    One word... Touched!!!


  24. one word..passionate andofcourse not for a bachi like me :P :P :P

    good work dear..:)

  25. @ Gulshan

    Thanks dear! :)

    And BTW, bachchas are becoming the baaps of grown ups these days!!! ;)




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