March 15, 2009

aaj dil karta hai

maloom hai tumko mere aanso pasand nahi,
aur vaada kiya tha tumko,nahi rone ka..

aaj rone ko dil karta hai..

jaanti hoon tum ko ehsaas ho jayega,
ki meri aankhein udaas hai,nam hain..

aaj rone ko dil karta hai..

tum ho meelon door mujhse is waqt
par tumhe dekhne ki chaah hai

aaj tumko choone ki dil karta hai..

koi ho jo mere aansoon poche
aur pyaar se mere gaal sehlaaye

aaj tumko choone ki dil karta hai..

aisi hi raat gujar jaati hai,
yaadein dastak de dar bhaag jaati hain

aur tumko choone ko dil karta hai..
tumhari yaad me rone ko dil karta hai..


  1. lol, it's nice. Tum to exceptional ho yaar.

    aj caring Bisi kehna ko dil karta hai.

  2. he he .. Jaky !! u r too much :P
    thanks for the read :)

  3. hey its great...Really liked it!! Keep going!!

  4. is sad and lovely.. painful prats.. :(

  5. thanks Aparna ... its all your encoragement !!

  6. wow prats... lovely... your hindi is too good...!!

  7. Painful...

    Love is...

    Beautifully portrayed!!


  8. nice one! the pain and the feeling of being unable to be with the one even wen you crave so much for him was eloquently conveyed! likd it!

    a few small mistakes but i guess dey were cause of the transliteration!

    aaj tumko choone "ko" dil karta hai..

    "aise" hi raat gujar jaati hai

    yaadein dastak de "kar" bhaag jaati hain

    I hope u dnt mind me highlighting dem! i knw dey r jst typos! keep writing! luvd dis one! :)

  9. loved it!!
    painful yet so beautiful! wow!!

  10. Thanku Kajal .. i always look forward to your comemnts !

  11. I totally loved the last 2 lines... You are amazing babe!

    Can you change yr name to poetry me? :P

  12. yeah last two lines :D
    wow! beautiful!

  13. Thanks Chirag :)

    @mona .. i started just last week gal.. i still have lots to learn :)

  14. oopsie.. thanku Mav for pointing them out .. will correct them now ... i guess i was in a hurry to finish the poem ... thanks again !

  15. thanks Asbah and Rashi .. you ladies inspire me a lot !! :)

  16. its lovely!
    Aj roney ko dil kerta hai!

    so true expressions of pen down gems of words!


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