March 8, 2009

I wish...I wonder...WHY I

I wish... I wish to have a choice in my life,
which rectifies .. which clarifies...

I wish to fly in the sky,
with no thread pulling back my kite...

I wish to roam free, free from world's cry...
I wish this world to be free ....and so my life....

I wish to feel to do what I want, the way I want;
I want my choice to be by my

oh! life.... bouquet of compromise...
I want to be free, free, free of its premise...

They don't let me play...or let me stay ..
they say if I would..... guns would eat me live...

I can't sing .. nor can ring.. my house's chime..
mom says, they will figure out.. our hide....

I wonder why we hide.. isn't Kashmir our home... our pride???
Sure dear..she smiled and said.. but no longer it is called paradise....

Freedom is what is no longer ours..
we live in fear of guns and wars..

I wonder.. I wonder why she said freedom's fall ???
she says I wouldn't wasn't there when I was born...

She wished... She wished to take me to her time...
where every neighbour held ...their neighbour in pride..

I wonder what pride she's talking about...!!!
I only know of neighbours having political fight...

We don't let them know we are home..
or else they will shoot us like they did to "pandit kishor"..

I wish .. I wish.. there was no religion so to call.
.all this mess would have never occurred at all...

who so ever dies on either sides...
has at least one person.... who loved him all his life...

As I sing this song of my heart and cry...
I wonder, I am wishing.. but...I wonder why????

Nothing seems to be happening.. except the bloody land war..
We all have forgotten how to love without " clause" ...

I wish .. I wish .. I could make a choice..
I wonder if that could rectify ..

trail of thoughts started fading away..
as a tear drop in my eye made sleep come my way....

I drowned in sleep with teary eyes...
still thinking.. wishing .. wondering... WHY I ?


  1. strong poem Tweets.. it could almost be sung.. :) wonderful..!!

    where have you been??

  2. dunno dint write much actually
    thanks kan....

  3. Questions and questions are all we have when it comes to such situations!

    But these questions are what will inspire us for a change.. A change which is the need of time.. Never stop asking... Everyone deserves peace.. EVERYONE! :D

    Beautiful expressed... The passion is evident :D

  4. kashmirians have a pathetic life

    yuu couldn't have done more justice to them by penning down their frustrations and desire for freedom by writing this piece

    great going shwetha

    we missed your entries. wish to see you often.

  5. That was heartfelt... nicely expressed :) , wish everything returns back to normal and all the feud ends, god help us all

  6. Yeah..You are right.. Kashmir isn't a peaceful and normal place anymore..

    Superb style of expression..

    One thing which i personally liked a lot was the kind of repetitive tone being used..I would try n use it too..its really catchy..

    Keeep up..
    And keep writing Often..

  7. Wel writtn swet.Evry thng wel conveyd to ur readers.Welcum back

  8. Such profound thoughts, Shweta! An important issue handled beautifully, and from a wonderful perspective! Luvd it!


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