March 6, 2009

I wish!

First of all, I'm really sorry that I'm so irregular in posting here. Supposedly some hospitals think doctors have no life. Well, I certainly don't have one anymore! :) I try to read whenever I can but writing has become a distant memory now a days! But my Princess made me write this today! Thank you for not having deleted me yet :D

I see her look up,
Her question- filled
brown big eyes, Lips:
Smile pursed.

I see her look away,
Unable to face me.
The wishes that
Are never to be.

I watch stealing glances
Hoping for this to end
A way for her 
Broken heart to mend

I wish silently for
things never said,
Just those that 
I will always dread.

I wish you were mine
As you want to be
I wish I was the one
To set you free.

I wish that every dream
Ever wish come true
That you never ever
Feel so blue.

I wish I could whisk you away
To a world of just our own
Where it is just us and
everything unknown.

Dear, you aren't wrong to wish
That I would be in your life
But you must realise that
I'm a man with a wife!

I don't appreciate cheating in any form especially when it comes to cheating a loved one! But I read the poem by Rashi and was thinking what would be the guy's perspective. He has a wife at home whom he is sure he loves. But looking at the love in a girl's eyes and her wishful thinking, I bet he would wish thinking were different. Sometimes there is just this attraction that one can't deny, I guess!!


  1. Hay! You replied? Wah! Some1 tells me no inspiration and 10 mins later posts?

    What shall I say? Cho... :D

    The Princess is happy :D

    The attraction is just there, one can just wonder why! The comfort the understanding doesnt mean that you love your spouse any less but it just means I like being with you. Bas Nothing more Nothing less!

    We have comfort food and sometimes we have comfort people. We just like being with them. Chalo ab mera rant band kar rahi hoon :)

    WB btw.:D * hugs *

  2. woaaa.. this couldnt have been handled more beautifully.. :)

  3. n yup can understand ur version of comments for rashi's poem.. sometimes life is like tht.. n one doesnt know what is the right thing to do..

  4. Wonderful reply...Many people here might not agree but I tend to believe in commitment as the way of life!
    But a very beautiful perspective to view from a distance. :)

  5. it's a very broad-minded perspective cho

    so true no one can deny attraction

    you have penned up the guy's emotions well and did justice aptly

  6. You have said it too well, aptly and subtly. Maybe it can be a case of wrong attraction. Love is natural, it is a human nature. It is how we think it is.

  7. WOW ... how did i miss it?? A Well written reply mate ... I loved the first poem and loved this reply even more!!

    Thanks Rashi for making me read this ... it was worth!!

    Keep writing Cho ... :)


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