March 6, 2009

Member of Month - February 2009 - Aparna.

Member of Month for February 2009 is Aparna. The results are as follows .

2.Kajal Singh


Congragulations to the winners.Winner will get the MoM badge soon.From this month onwards we have changed the Voting process. Now onwards ,the Lounge members are required to mail in their option to

eg. if you think Miss .X is your choice for MoM,then you can mail in her/his name to the lounge email id and write the subject as "MoM".

The Following members are considered for MoM- March based on their recent activities on the Lounge.
  1. Tan
  2. Nan
  3. Kajal
  4. Chirag
  5. Arjun
  6. Asbah
  7. Sandeep Balan
  8. Kings
  9. Prats
  10. Insiya (Illusions)
  11. Mohita
  12. Nabila
  13. Neha Venkatesh
Members are not supposed to mail in their name . Please select your favourite member from the above list and mail to

Get ready for another contest which will be held from 21st March,2009.Contest details will be posted on 20th March,2009.

The Writers Lounge Team.

MoM of Writers Lounge since August 2008.
August 2008 - Sandeep Balan
September 2008 - Sandeep Balan
October 2008 - Sandeep Balan
November 2008 - Priyanka
December 2008 - Ste
January 2009 - Prats & Leo
February 2009 - Aparna

**The contest dates are subjected to changes,


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyy Aparna.. .congratulations girl!! we love you!! muah... :)

    * a big hug *

  2. Congrats Aparna! Wait for your badge now :D

  3. Congratulations to Aparna ...

    ... The new list misses out on a few members I wanted to see in there ... I am not, sure of the reason ... would request the ADMINS to take a look into this ...

  4. congrats aparna, congrats kajal, congrats chirag :)

    way to go :)

  5. congrats Aparna, Pink n chirag :) u all deserved it !!

  6. Which names do you think are missing Tan?

  7. thanks ...
    and congrats to aparna and kajal


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