March 14, 2009

Homely Virtues

The Beauty of Home
is Cleanliness
The Honour of Home
is Friendliness
The blessings of Home
is Godliness
The Richness of Home
is cheerfullness

~ i took this wordings from a image hung over in my grandma's house, it seems its been there for an enternity, i never gave a second thought to it, until now. It was hung in the entrance-portico of the house, when it was newly built by my grandfather .

The wordings are apt and richly presents an ideal picture of a loving and caring spiritual home. The image was beautifully decorated with angels and flowers as a frame, surrounding the words. Here it is simple though very powerfull in meaning :)  A pick from my blog C m U


  1. True! The small message rings so very true!
    Thnx for sharing it wid us, Kings!

  2. There's so much to learn from our grandparents....
    So u finally learnt a few more things...
    Good one... :)

  3. hahah... there's always things to learn ;)

  4. 1) wisdom comes from Grandparents.
    2) Home sweet home :D

  5. grandparents are an academy in themselves!
    a lovely message ! afterall it's home that makes us feel HOME always! :)


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