March 14, 2009

Disco for the clothes!

The washing machine is the disco for the clothes.All of us live in a civilised society and most of us behave in a civilized manner.So to fulfil the requirements of this civilized society we all wear clothes we ever we go out and meet people.We all need clothes,not just for protection against weather but for style statements and other desires.
I was wondering what do clothes need?I mean what kind of a life they live.They are all born in a cloth factory with no owner or parent.Then they are sent to shops,few of the lucky one's are sent to big shopping malls.People come to see them.Some of them reject them at first sight.Some try them on and then stare at the mirror and ask for opinions from their friends.If they are satisfied with the clothes they pay the bill and bring them home.

Then comes the second phase of their life.They spend most of the time inside the wardrobe.Its darkness inside most of the time.They have to trade the terrible smell of napthalene balls for the absence of insects and fungi.They cant date with other clothes because the wardrobe's owner may not like the combination.A shirt cant fall in love with a pant of its choice.The wardrobe is a country where love marriage between clothes is still a taboo.Arranged marriage is the rule of the country.Most of them must be discussing about their next outing.Some of them may be jealous of each other and feel that they are the best dress over there.

Finally a D Day arrives,the owner opens the wardrobe and starts his/her hunt.All the clothes are excited.They must be praying to god that this is their day.After 5-10 mintues in case of male owner and about half an hour in case of a female owner,all the clothes have to be satisfied with their destiny.The chosen ones enjoy the fresh air,but then they realise that life outside the wardrobe isnt that good.They have to face the scorching heat, sometimes rain,polluted air.Some of them cant face the owners action packed life and they suffer injuries.And almost every one have to face one mandatory torture-sweat and body odour mixed with dirt.

So after all this torture they are finally sent to a Disco ie the washing machine.Now they can hang out with others,get wet and roll-on the dance floor.The shirt can pick up the pant of its choice and have a dance.They have absolutely no fear of getting caught.The floor(washing machine) stops rotating once the owner attempts to peep inside.The detergent and liquid conditioner would be the grass and booze for the clothes.A little bit of these will keep them good.Too much will kill them.So after weeks of not so happening life,they finally get to spend a few hours inside the disco and then its back to the normal boring life.

Finally the clothes get old and then the owner nevers throws a look at them.They never get a chance for an outing.They are buried in a heap of not so old and new clothes that join the wardrobe.Thats the story of clothes and their only chance of having fun.


  1. Wowwww!!!!
    This is like, a totally new perspective, I mean I could've never thought about it this way! It's awesomely written and I suppose you want to link it somewhere to our life too, right?

    I love it... :) :) :)

  2. interesting !! i really love your posts :D

  3. perfect post
    great imagination
    nice flow

  4. you write unique man!
    never have thought in a way you have depicted the life in an inert thing,"CLOTHES"
    keep up !

  5. yeah, i will second uz, and funny LOL !! so funny!

    the first line blew me off :D wow!


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