March 14, 2009

Pretty Me

I blog as PRETTY
given to me by my best BUDDY.
i love it as much as my POETRY
i guess it gives a feel of BEAUTY
and warmth like my TEDDY.


  1. oye Pratsie.. cute like you -totally but you are in for a surprise now :P

  2. thanks SD, mav and Kings!! i could do only this much with my hot mind ( hot coz of fever) will try again !!

  3. thnks prats and take care, better get some rest :)

    guess what. This is a specific poetry style, i did a bit of search and came across what exactly the style is,it is called monorhyme.

    ** A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme **

  4. monorhyme is the poetry lesson for this week now !!


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