March 26, 2009

friendship band......

Pre Script
Ste is writing his "ADBMS" assignment and Sandeep comes running

Sandeep:Oye Ste !! Check this friendship band that Kajal ,my bhondu tied on my wrist.
Ste: Its beautiful and lovely brother.....nice nice.
*Ste continues with the assignment work.
*Sandeep stares at the band
Ste: Sandeep,why are you staring at the band like mad ?
Sandeep: Nahi Ste,I wonder why is this circular colourful bead is embedded to the middle of the band?
Ste:Bhai ,do you still believe that this is a friendship band ( laughs).
Sandeep: Nahi ,Yeh nahi ho sakta ...... mein kisi ka bhai nahi huuun


  1. lolz...
    Only kajal will know what it was.... :P

  2. Dakku daddy
    This is an old vadivelu joke :P :P

  3. ste ko short term loss hu gaya, actually ste nay band guru ko tie kea thaaa..

    ste stop spreadin rumors :PPPP


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