March 26, 2009

Economic recession !!!

Pre script: A discussion abt economic recession at a B school.

Prof: Good morning class!

Students (chorus): Goooooddddd moooorrrrningggggg sir!

Prof:Ok! lets get started! The possible recession may not seem like it will have a big empact on our day-to-day lives,but the fact of matter is that it will affect students just as much as anybody else, if not more.


Prof: So can any one tell me how will it affect students?

One of them raises his hand

Prof: Yes!

The student: I think children will now read Snow White and the 5 dwarfs and Ali Baba and 30 thieves instead of Snow White and 7 dwarfs and Ali Baba and 40 thieves.

Prof and the class: ????!!!!

Lines: 9


  1. waah waah.. :) what if it happens :O

  2. :P .... anytime soon i suppose :D :P

  3. lol.. the other two dwarfs are out on job hunt and 10 theives are wondering what to steal :D

  4. I wonder which story will give those two dwarfs a chance... :P


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