March 13, 2009

Choka: ANything FOr U..

Life has been so short
I could do all I needed
But could not love you
As much as I wanted to.

Wanted all for you
I wanted to get you moon
Would bring world to you
Whatever else you want, too.

Alas! I could not
Do anything for you, love
Could not make you dance,
Could not make you smile for once!

Love it was, throughout
Only that you could not see,
Wanted to be yours
I wanted to heal your soars.

I know I have failed
To stand by you in distress
But I would be there -
Now, here, there and anywhere!

Those times were such, and
Life had not been too placid
Told you my notions
I had my limitations.

Come back to me now
Its time, we make our own
New world to live in
And accept all with a grin.

Hope, concur my thoughts
Smile, run back straight to my heart
Come, leaving the rest
Love, for that’s what we do best
Together we’ll touch the crest!

A Choka, possibly the shortest one… I wanted to write this all this time, but then there were some words missing in it… Now that I’m sure of the words, I am posting it here, in the lounge, just to see if you mates like it …

Contest: (Closed) As you could see, I could not give it a title. Could not actually name it anyhow. I would ask all of you to come out with a title of the poem. The best one, chosen by you will be put there. Lets see, how you name it…
Title suggested by Arjun. Thanks mate! (March 17, 2009)


  1. hhnnm well all i could think as a title..

    Wanted ... U

    because end of it all .. all i could think was that..

    dont know if its good enough.. but well thts my take for the title.

    loved the poem.

  2. good one tan
    its a touching poem

    and accordng to me title is


  3. "I and You" !! lovely poem here .. and a real good choka !! i can never think to attempt anything this long ;)

  4. "ANything FOr U.."

    Lovely poem Tan..!! :)


  5. Am wracking my brains for the title Tan! Coz the poem's wonderful I cannot just giv u sum title in a hurry! But the poem's so good! :)

  6. Well nice tries mates ... real good titles alread and Maverick is going to give one of his own too ... Now, I'm confused of the same ... and as I told earlier, I am not the one who is going to choose the title ... it has to be you guys ...

    here are the titles till now:
    Wanted ... U
    I Will Do What You Want
    In Need Of U
    I and You
    ANything FOr U..

    Choose the best of these!!

    Let me see, if you can do that ... else, I will choose one of the above...

  7. And all of you, thanks for liking the poem ... This syllable thing is a nice thing and I can see that it is not new to us ... we all knew it, but not by the name ...

    Check this old Hindi Song:

    Gulabi aankhen
    Jo teri dekhi
    Sharaabi ye dil
    Ho gaya

    Samhalo mujhko
    O mere yaron
    samhalna mushkil
    ho gaya

    (5-5-5-3 5-5-5-3)

    Guys, lets try and keep up counting for syllables, whenever you write ... just dont force - try if you can do it ... and once you are well on with it, you will yourself feel the happiness!!

    Choka is one such way ... trust me it is not tough ... just that, you need to try to write two poems, maybe and the third one will be as easy as it can be!!!

    Best of luck ... would like to see more people writing and using skills taught by Pratibha and Gulshan...

  8. thought i am not able to find a title, I will not fail to say ki 'maza aa gaya' padh ke :)

  9. Hmmm ... enough time now mates ... Will post a title to this tomorrow ...

    you still have time, if you want to think about it ..

  10. Well, the title is decided then ... Hope you agree with me ... Thanks to Arjun :)


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