March 13, 2009

Tan !

Though i thought i will do away with a haiku on TAN... still here's for you buddy ...

To say accurately,how
Amazing its been,every
New work of art you give shape,like
Madrigals of life put in words-
Opulent imagery fabricated at
Your will !! A bliss to read.


  1. haha... very true... :)

    Nicely written too....


  2. Trying to explain all that you
    Are in just a few lines is impossible.
    Nonetheless I try. Brilliant with words
    Must I say? Far away and yet close to the heart
    Of that I'm sure. What you mean to us,
    You have no clue.

    Bah not half as good as Prats but I try!!!

  3. aaawww thts a lovely dedication dear.. :)

  4. wow nice write prats and rash, ;)

  5. Here I am - this is me
    There's no where else on earth I'd rather be ...

    I'm so overwhelmed today ... I'm so happy and so grateful to you mates … the two poems were something best I heard about myself … I never knew I would be described one day… and the ways I have been were wonderful! How much I want to thank you for this, but then a mere ‘thanks’ will not be enough in anyways!!

    Thanks for the dedication! I loved both the poems. I now know myself more, I believe. I am happy to be here … I’m happy that I came here and joined the WL … I’m more than happy!! I’m writing this with drops in my eyes and my lashes are wet … trust me … I never got anything like this before! And possibly, I shall never get any again!!

    I’m very short of words at times, and this is one of those times I’m searching for the same … this is how I started my day today! I’m sure it is going to be one of the best days of my life!

    Thanks Pratibha and Rashi for those wonderful wonderful wonderful words … those meant a lot!

    Tan :)

  6. woooaaaa! nothing like dedications... Prats is the queen and rightly so :)

  7. even i wnt say thanks for this lovely comment Tan !!

  8. such a shweet dedication!

  9. for sure a bliss, what he writes :)

  10. ps. Tan thats just the begining, I am sure you'll keep getting it, and more :)

  11. Thanks Kajal, UZ, Asbah for your comments ... All your wishes will do only good to me ... thanks again!

    And Pratibha and Rashi ... I will never ever forget your gesture here ...

    Mates, please check this link in my blog, Thus Spake Tan!


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